Wisconsin a tale of things to come in November?

With a victory win by Governor Walker with his special recall election, could this be a sign that Democrats
are in trouble?  It did not take long for Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairman of the Democratic National Committee
to make comments about the recall election.

On Capital Hill Debbie Wasserman Shultz had this to say:

““While the results of the governor’s race were not what we had hoped for, we were still able to
overcome great challenges to ensure the voices of middle-class families were heard.  Over the past year,
Wisconsin Democrats have taken on the immense challenge of  fighting against government overreach and
ensuring voters have a say about the future of the state”

My comment to Ms. Shultz is that they did have their say with their right to vote.  Is it that surprising to her?

Foley throws in the towel, Healy fights on (Audio)

The title says it all and explains why I could never back Foley with any kind of passion. Foley announced today he would concede the election, even as the Republican Party told the state it would fight on for the integrity of the system. Foley wanted to be Governor and it doesn’t surprise me fighting for the people of Connecticut was nothing more than a campaign slogan. Read more

Bridgeport Mayor on Governor’s race: Every vote must count, except those over there

I wasn’t going to post this but for me, it was the best part of Mayor Bill Finch’s press conference. A big deal was made by the Democrats about extending poll hours … so everyone who wanted to vote could, and every vote counted. So much so they went to court armed with two affidavits (yes two) to make sure they stayed open. Ostensibly, people were denied the right to vote because of a lack of ballots. Well that was then, this is now. Read more

Governor Moonbeam has a Flashback

It has been said, in a less political correct era, that California is like a bowl of granola.  Looking at some of their past political leaders, the old line about nuts and flakes comes into its own. Read more

It’s here! Basil Marceaux’s first campaign ad

Much more awesome than I even imagined. Don’t be scared. Go ahead. Watch it.

There’s really nothing here that Basil didn’t say before. This is just in a “slicker”, more Madison Avenuey, format. And just think … he said he would be Governor of any state if he could fix it. Read more

I’ll take one of these please … Basil Marceaux for Governor

Connecticut is so doggone boring. Tom Foley, boring. Dan Malloy, sooooo predictably left, Oz, playing it safe my man. But here …now here is a candidate for Governor that I can really get my arms around.

Read more

Manhattan Madam runs for NY Governor

Kristin Davis, 34, announced her bid for Governor of New York. Kristin, as you may remember, supplied former NY Governor Eliot Spitzer with “girls”, prostitutes, ummm, hookers. It was her business. Now she says she will run for Governor because, well, how could she do any worse.

Her platform to help the empire state return to glory … P2. Legalize prostitution and pot. Victimless? This my friends, would be a large “L” libertarian.