New Air Force planes being sent directly to long-term boneyard storage in Arizona


This has nothing to do with the federal government “shutdown” and little to do with the sequester. It has everything to do with a few congress-critters – in this case mostly Democrats – who wanted a big payday payoff from the federal government for “their people.” Let’s make it clear, even though the big-wigs will dance around the question, the Air Force never wanted these multi-million dollar planes.

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More waste…this from the Department of Agriculture

The Office of the Inspector General audits all administrative branches of the federal government.  Unfortunately, by the time it does so, the money has been spent.  Read more

More GSA party news…using your tax dollar

This past April we told you about how the General Services Administration spent over $800,000 of your money on, among other things, an extravagant gala in Las Vegas.  It seems as if the fun didn’t stop in Las Vegas.  There was more GSA “fun” just outside of Washington, D.C. Read more

Let’s stop making these $1 presidential coins shall we?

Have you ever even seen one of the Presidential coins? I have not, and the federal government has enough of them lying around to fill a vault the size of a soccer field. Nobody wants them. Stop making them.

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How much is Chicago paying for police bodyguards to protect aldermans?

I want to know the names and positions of all of the Chicago city employees and political blowhards who have their own taxpayer-funded protection detail. Yesterday, we learned one alderman has had two officers assigned to him 24 hours a day, seven days a week for 25 years.

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Duplicate state and federal programs just tip of the iceberg

I’ve got a serious issue with the fact government bureaucrats think it is necessary to have – as an example – a local Department of Education, a state Department of Education and a federal Department of Education. I’ve chronicled the graft this process creates, the favors politicians trade and “we won, you lost” stupidity that has driven our nation into a bunch of beggars demanding more and more. Now we see there are even more duplicate projects at the federal level.

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Billions in international aid wasted, but it makes you feel better to give!

No surprise here. Tossing money in the direction of some African countries led to little or no improvements, as funding was routed from “worthy, important” causes to expenditures by corrupt government officials that will never be tracked down.

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The census plan – proving bureaucracy does not work (Update)

Jim is also writing about the census today, but I’d like to highlight a post by Michelle Malkin concerning financial waste from within the US Census Bureau. Counting people is not that hard, but leave it to the bureaucrats to mess it up.

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Bipartisan commission on government spending – complete theater

That’s right, it’s a complete dog and pony show, and the admission price may well destroy the American economy.

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Federal stimulus fail – “Weatherize your home” program buried in red tape

Part of the Obama administration’s stimulus program included a plan to weatherize 600,000 homes in three years – and “save or create” jobs of course – has only completed somewhere between 9,000 and 22,000 homes during it’s first year. The program cost is $5 billion.

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