Furloughed federal workers in Oregon will keep unemployment cash, plus regular salary

I had a conversation with a few people at the onset of the federal government partial shutdown and let them know many federal employees would qualify for unemployment depending on the state. Some said I was wrong – and still won’t admit I was right – but now we learn the at least 1,300 employees who are getting back pay will be able to keep their unemployment checks too.

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Obama administration bullies would close every business if they could

The stories we are reading about the Federal government closing open-air monuments, federal parks and even private businesses operated on federal property is infuriating. There is no reason for it at all, and in many cases President Obama is spending more funds to close an area than needed to leave it open.

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The bogus fear of the dreaded federal government shutdown

If the federal government actually does shut down for a couple of days or a couple of weeks, will we even notice? Almost certainly not if recent history is a guide.

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Thursday Triple Play Radio Show: Breitbart, McCarthy, Walsh

It is the mother of all shows tomorrow. If a lineup guaranteed a place in the Radio Hall of Fame, then dust off my bust. The lineup and topics below the fold. Read more