Single tragedy kicks off discussion on additional boating regulations in Connecticut

The government does not always have to “do something.” Emily Fedorko from Greenwich died in what can only be described as a terrible accident on the water Aug. 7. Emily and three teenage friends were in a motorboat on Long Island Sound enjoying the day when Emily died after coming in contact with a spinning propeller. Horrific. But as usual politicians are already discussing additional state regulations to limit the operation of motor vessels by kids on the water.

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Obama administration calls for reduction in regulation on business

Small and medium-sized businesses are the growth engine of the economy, and in a new proposal, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly suggests government “loosen regulations and make it easier to start or expand a small business….” in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya.

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Doubling Down on Stupid

In times of recession and economic stress, one approach to addressing said stress would be to relax those regulations that impede or hinder economic growth.

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