God Isn’t Dead But Is On Life Support

Hmmm … we’ve heard this before. Newsweek Magazine running a cover on the fall of Christian America. God Is Dead. As Newsbusters notes, I especially like the new found respect Newsweek has for the holiest week of the Christian calendar.

This Holy Week has been typical. Newsweek proclaimed “The Decline and Fall of Christian America” on its cover. The Washington Post/Newsweek “On Faith” blog featured a post that belittled the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. The Discovery Channel aired a documentary that painted Jesus as little more than an opportunistic politician who caught a bad break in a trial.

These are just the most notable recent instances of secular media’s disdain for traditional Christians and the tenets of their faith. Anti-Christianism is the last acceptable prejudice. The assault on Christian beliefs and morality is ongoing. Take for example the howls of outrage when the Pope reiterated Catholic teaching on abstinence.

But then when you are trying to sell a dying magazine what better time to do it then to 76 percent of your market celebrating the high holidays. The article is based on  this survey which shows the number of folks calling themselves Christians has declined to a mere 76 percent. Oh the humanity.

Meacham keyed his article around the March 2009 American Religious Identification Survey results that showed 76 percent of American identify themselves as Christians, compared to 86 percent in 1990. He also noted the rise in number of Americans who now state they have no religious affiliation, 15 percent compared to 8 percent in 1990. To Meacham, this is a good sign.

Tomorrow we will be discussing this and we will be joined by the author of “God Is Back”, John Micklethwait. Here’s part of their retort to Newsweek’s article. The authors appeared yesterday on Fox and Friends. Please go to the “book” section to order for yourself.


and here is his co-author Adrian Wooldridge, explaining that the numbers may be smaller but it is more than likely a loss of folks on the fringe.


Join us tomorrow please. Should be good. And go to the books section and get the book.