Climate Change: The 50 to 1 Video Project

A video-based activist in Australia has started a new project reviewing the costs and benefits of the carbon credit schemes popping up around the world. Since he’s from Oz, a country that implemented a carbon tax in July 2012, Topher Field takes a look at the cost of the program as compared to the benefits in his home country.

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Obama: The planet will boil over…

Goodness grief. I thought the environmental groups moved from “global warming” to “climate change” to cover the fact the world really is not warming and will supposedly be experiencing “extremes.” Now I guess we’re back to the possibility of the world “boiling over.”

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Weather is not getting more extreme

Years ago when the global warming team realized the globe was not warming, they made a dedicated and complete marketing campaign change. They changed their tag line from global warming to climate change. Again, this was a marketing decision. Instead of heating up, the world would experience more extreme weather. Not even that is happening.

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The left is at it again…let’s ration air conditioning Update

Yes, you read that correctly.  It seems that we once again have “global warming”.  This is in contrast to the unusually cold temperatures we had two years ago, that forced the left to rename their cause “climate change”, or, if you prefer, “global climate disaster”. Read more

Finally, an EPA regulation that will cost business nothing

No, don’t rub your eyes making sure you read that correctly. It’s true.  As you know, every time, in this instance, the EPA, passes a new regulation it must provide a cost/benefit analysis.  First, the proposed new rule. Read more

Are there any rational beings left in California?

Other than Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill that is.  Let me, as they say, begin at the beginning. Read more

More “Climategate”…it’s the Vatican

Last week, on the second anniversary of the “Climategate” e-mail disclosure, someone released an additional 5000 files of e-mails penned by the”‘usual suspects”.  Read more

Global climate whatever

For the past two years, the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature team at University of California, Berkley has been sorting through two centuries of temperature readings, over 1.6 billion in all. Read more

A Little Ray of Sunshine … global warming update

And it’s not the kind of news that Al Gore, or his wallet, will welcome.Apparently sunshine is the cause of global warming.  (H/T James Delingpole) Read more

The children vs. global warming

Last month, the United States Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of AEP v. Connecticut.  The basis of Connecticut’s law suit was that power companies were emitting “green house’ gasses which were causing global warming, or climate change, or whatever it is called these days, and the courts, under the doctrine of public nuisance, should step in and regulate. Read more