Gingrich: Obama is just incompetent

Well this is one where I disagree with Gingrich. In the sound bite that follows you will hear Sean Hannity ask Newt Gingrich if there is some kind of plot here. Gingrich says absolutely not. I agree with that, but not the full answer. In fact I find the President amazingly focused. Read more

O’Reilly: Obama’s not a socialist, just President Johnson on steroids

Yeah, that makes me so much more comfortable. Well Newt has a tough problem not laughing thougout the entire interview. As it was, he still laughed plenty.

It started with Rush’s rant last week where a woman caller brought up O’Reilly’s name and Rush took a level only Rush could. He mocked Bill about his “fair and balanced” pander to the Obama administration … but Rush’s rant also included shots at Bill’s … umm … self awareness?

It must have struck a nerve because O’Reily spent the first half hour of his show asking a variety of guests if they thought Obama was a socialist. Newt was first up. Answer was classic. But as you listen you will notice that Bill continually confuses socialism with communism and totalitarianism. No Obama is not trying to confiscate private property … well not all private property (see GM, Chrysler, college loan industry, health care) but he believes in Government control that goes far beyond government regulation. But why let me tell you. Here’s Newt.


Not a socialist, just President Johnson on steroids. No, not quite. Johnson never had a pat czar and didn’t own a car company. But that’s just me. Comments welcome. I will likely touch on this, so if you have objections, make em known.

Middle Class Tax Increase

Newt Gingrich nailed it Friday when he showed how the Obama budget will eventually lay a hefty tax increase in rising energy costs on all Americans.


Yesterday on Face The Nation Bob Schieffer puts the question to Rohm Emmanuel who does a nice job of evading the question, instead talking about the $7.69 a week income transfer to lower in come folks. That is to say, Gingrich is correct.


Nice try Rohm.

AP story notes Republican involvement in GSE mess

I’m fully on board with blaming Democrat lawmakers in Washington for contributing to the mortgage crisis that started with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. Republicans introduced legislation that would more closely regulate the government sponsored entities (GSEs). Democrats – including Barney Frank (D-Mass.) – blocked that legislation, all but calling those asking for the changes racist.

Fox News and bloggers brought those stories to light, and now the Associated Press has written a story targeting former Republican lawmakers and staffers who were hired in 2006 by the GSEs to help keep Congress off their back. I’m willing to hear the evidence from 2006, but remember that the damage was already done by this time.

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Looking for Republican National Committee leadership

Many have been clamoring for leadership at the national level for the Republican National Committee. Does anyone even know who Mike Duncan is?

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Compassionate conservatism equaled big government

We all knew it. Bush 43 tried to define his presidency by bringing new tone to Washington D.C., and called his politics compassionate conservatism. By reaching across the aisle and letting Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) write the No Child Left Behind in 2001, propping up the U.S. steel industry with tariffs in 2002, and dishing out billions in pork creatively identified as national defense spending, he failed conservatives around the country.

In the end, what did that new tone get us?

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