Geraldo joins the “Could this be racism” crowd

Ann Coulter says it all … “When was I suddenly transported to MSNBC?”

When your argument is weak … don’t debate the issue or the veracity of the statements (re: Congressman Joe Wilson) … play the race card and distract.

The best comes at the beginning … followed by Democrat Julian Epstein who calls the Tea Party Patriots a fringe movement … followed at the 4 minute mark by Ann calling out Epstein in Joe Wilson fashion. You lie!


If only it were true … “I’m going to ask you about Joe Wilson just one more time.” Optimist!

Update: Here’s a link to what Ann was talking about. MSNBC.

Potty Mouth! Great moments in Geraldo journalism.

OK … it’s not exactly the mystery of Al Capone’s vault but I can assure you, the s$#t hits the fan … so to speak, in yet another adventure in Geraldo journalism. But hey, it’s LIVE TV. Read more