GM decides to “invest” in Europe

We learned today that Government Motors has decided to invest $335 million in a fabulously successful European auto maker.  Mercedes, Audi, BMW you guess?  Guess again. Read more

Remember how they ‘split’ ownership of GM after bankruptcy?

The taxpayers – really the federal government – and the United Auto Workers got huge slices of the company. Vendors and stockholders … well they got left out in the cold. This was a ‘special’ bankruptcy set up that was never seen before, and as we pointed out, was a pay-off to the unions.

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Will the government treat Toyota different than … let’s say Chrysler?

It’s a fair question to ask, especially since Americans now have billions and billions of dollars invested in GM and Chrysler. The feds becoming a player in an otherwise private industry – while writing the rules – probably should be a concern.

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Ford sales up 33% – GM and Chrysler not so much

Take this for what it is worth. Ford sales were up 33 percent in Dec. 2009 as compared to Dec. 2008. Toyota and Subaru’s sales also increased by a third, and Honda and Nissan sales were up 24 percent and 18 percent respectively. GM and Chrysler sales below the fold, but how is the Ford quality for you buyers out there?

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