Secretary Gates: I will sit on McChrystal’s report until its appropriate Update: More video

It’s a pretty good exchange between George Stephanopoulos and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The subject is General McChrystal’s Afghan memorandum on the need for 40,000 additional troops or they will fail.

Gates never wavers. I will wait to pass the memo on until the President is ready.


George has the stronger point I think. McChrystal wouldn’t ask for more troops if he thought additional people would be suicidal. On the other hand not sending them quickly, might be. But then again, I’m not a General.

UPDATE: Rather than add a new post this actually first well here. The debate to honor the General’s request or sit on it takes more meaning in this context.


Hey, no one is saying Robert Gates is being calous about this … but my question to you my little RVO readers is this. Wait to send troops until we are sure of the mission and possibly risk the lives of soldiers who are undermanned? Or do we honor the General’s request and win this now … but risk higher casualty numbers?