Government Green

Yesterday’s report by the Government Accountability Office referred to two “humorous” policies that are worth mentioning in case you didn’t see them.  I say humorous, but, as I, like you, are paying for them, perhaps they are not so humorous.

The first:

[the GAO] chided the government over encouraging federal agencies to purchase plug-in hybrid vehicles while having policies that agencies reduce electricity consumption.

And, the second:

[The GAO] said government agencies have purchased numerous vehicles that run on alternative fuels only to find many gas stations don’t sell alternative fuels. This has led government agencies to turn around and request waivers so they didn’t have to use alternative fuels.

Yes, this is the same government that wants to run your health care.

Duplicate state and federal programs just tip of the iceberg

I’ve got a serious issue with the fact government bureaucrats think it is necessary to have – as an example – a local Department of Education, a state Department of Education and a federal Department of Education. I’ve chronicled the graft this process creates, the favors politicians trade and “we won, you lost” stupidity that has driven our nation into a bunch of beggars demanding more and more. Now we see there are even more duplicate projects at the federal level.

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