Obamacare navigator fraud video 2 … “That’s my money”

As expected, Project Veritas released a second video yesterday afternoon highlighting outright fraud within the ranks of Obamacare navigators being paid with taxpayer dollars to provide guidance to enrollees.

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California government corruption: State raids fund dedicated to 9/11 victims and anti-terror projects

Corruption at the state level continues in California; and it’s been going on for years. The California Department of Motor Vehicles promoted special memorial vehicle plates as a special purchase where 15 percent of proceeds would go into a scholarship fund for the children of 9/11 victims, and 85 percent would go to anti-terrorism efforts in the state. They lied. Only 1.5 percent has gone to the scholarship fund.

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In Dallas – Federal agents discover $350 million in Medicare fraud

The Washington Times actually has it wrong – using $350 billion instead of $350 million. But isn’t that telling? At some point, you have to just say what’s the real difference ya know?

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Medicare fraud

Remember when the President told us that Obamacare would cut gabillions in Medicare waste, fraud and abuse?  Apparently, in a secret backroom deal, the President deputized the Wall Street Journal to perform this task. Read more

Symptom of the Disease: $6.5 billion in SSI disability overpayments in 2009

Oh heck … only $6.5 billion? When you have a centralized federal government program designed to hand disability payments directly to individuals, it’s kind of like having the executive leadership of General Motors changing the oil in your SUV. It’s an unsuitable arrangement, and as such, a symptom of the disease.

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Your tax dollar at work

Remember the government’s “first time home buyer” tax credit of $8000 designed to help the sluggish housing industry? Well, it seems that it has done far more than that.

Yesterday we learned from J. Russell George, the Treasury Department’s inspector general for tax administration, that more than 14,000 tax filers filed for and received the tax credit when they didn’t deserve it.  No big deal, you say?  Well, as it turns out, that more than $26.7 million in credits were obtained by people who didn’t deserve them.

An innocent mistake, you say…people just didn’t understand the tax forms?  Not exactly.  1300 prison inmates applied for and were granted the tax credit to the tune of more than $9 million

And, were that not enough to make your blood boil, George’s report also points out that,

[a] common scam had multiple taxpayers using the sale of a single home, with each claiming the credit.  One home was used by 67 tax filers

So, what does Representative John Lewis (D. Ga.), chairman of the House Ways and Means oversight subcommittee have to say about this?

Last year, we learned that children and persons who did not purchase homes were fraudulently claiming the first-time homebuyer credit,… [a]lthough I am pleased that the fraud identified earlier does not continue, I am concerned about prisoners claiming the credit.

He’s concerned…that’s it?  Oh, heck, I forgot, it’s not his money.

Are Obama’s Appointees Complete Frauds?

Columnist John C. Dovorak is one of my favorites. He writes for PC magazine and Marketwatch. He has been doing a little research on a couple the the Obama appointees namely CIO Vivek Kundra. It seems that Kundra is not who he says he is. Read the article here.

Apparently there is no record of the degrees that he says he has.

trying to actually verify his supposed MS in Information Technology from the University of Maryland, College Park campus. The registrar has no record of it. In fact the current University of Maryland grad department doesn’t even show this degree as being commonly available to anyone. A search of his college records shows no attendance after he received his BS degree in Psychology on 12/20/98. In fact his last day of school 12/19/98 wrapped up the six years it took Kundra to obtain his undergraduate degree.

The article explains that the company that he ran was a one man operation that showed sales of $67,000. He apparently lied about teaching at University of Maryland. He has no idea about technology and he is apparently responsible for approving $18 million for a new website. You could have people updating the site by hand all day long for $18 million and you could do it for several years!! It may be laughable that Obama was hoodwinked and bamboozled this time, but it it OUR money that this FRAUD is spending.

He was busted for stealing shirts from JCPenny’s in 1997. 12 years ago he was stealing from JCPenny and now he is stealing from me and you. That is quite a step up. Nice Job Kundra, nice due diligence Obama.

And his sketchy background was disconcerting. It included a 1997 bust for stealing shirts from JC Penny’s and the later bust of his former staff by the FBI at the DC office during a bribery investigation.

ACORN to “Help” with US Census

The “community organization” under investigation for voter registration fraud in multiple jurisdictions has now partnered up with the U.S. Census Bureau to assist in the 2010 Census.  Never mind that the Census is supposed to be free of politics or the myriad allegations of fraud against the partner,  they are now one of the partners in the process:

“The U.S. Census is supposed to be free of politics, but one group with a history of voter fraud, ACORN, is participating in next year’s count, raising concerns about the politicization of the decennial survey.

ACORN, which claims to be a non-partisan grassroots community organization of low- and moderate-income people, came under fire in 2007 when Washington State filed felony charges against several paid ACORN employees and supervisors for more than 1,700 fraudulent voter registrations. In March 2008, an ACORN worker in Pennsylvania was sentenced for making 29 phony voter registration forms. The group’s activities were frequently questioned in the 2008 presidential election.”

Now, while the US Census Bureau claims that the hiring process includes an FBI background check.  But, Census officials acknowledge, it was difficult to track an applicant political bias.  Said Stephen Buckner:

“”I have no way of tracking any of that information,” he said. “If somebody comes in to a position with a political agenda and their work exhibits that, there are rules against that,” he said.”

Well, sure… just as there are rules against voter registration fraud, Mr. Buckner… just there are rules against embezzlement:

“A whistle-blower forced Acorn to disclose the embezzlement, which involved the brother of the organization’s founder, Wade Rathke.

The brother, Dale Rathke, embezzled nearly $1 million from Acorn and affiliated charitable organizations in 1999 and 2000, Acorn officials said, but a small group of executives decided to keep the information from almost all of the group’s board members and not to alert law enforcement.”

For some folks, it would seem, the rules exist to be broken.

Updated: Testing McCain and Obama web sites – credit card fraud

After all of the activity concerning the Obama Web site and how it seems a bit “loose” in how it collects credit card donations, I’m taking one for the team and testing it myself.

But instead of just testing Obama’s site, I’m testing the McCain site too. Note that neither of the sites ask for the credit card validation number – also know as the CVC – which is normal practice by other secure Web sites that collect credit card information for processing.

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