So they take your choice away, but you can have it back for more money…

Really? I just don’t know what to say anymore. Obamacare architect Zeke Emanuel said you can have your doctor, and nobody is stopping you from paying more to have your doctor. (Yet.)

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Juan Williams on enhanced interrogation techniques – teeth and eyeballs

Does Fox News contributor Juan Williams really think we pull out people’s teeth and eyeballs? He’s got an issue with enhanced interrogation techniques for certain, but when reality is not nearly as bad as you think, do you just start making stuff up out of thin air?

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Sarah Palin did not leave Alaska government “for no reason”

Juan Williams and Bob Schieffer had best stop trying to rewrite history. Both of these guys claim either Gov. Sarah Palin left her position as governor for no reason or she could not handle the job. Both are lies. Both are liars and I’m sick of it.

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More Obama administration threats – Networks. Must. Drink. Kool Aid.

Just one year ago, could you envision the Executive Branch of the United States government actively going out and telling major news networks they better not do what Fox News is doing or you’ll regret it? What is the Obama administration going to do? Pull a Hugo Chavez and shut them down by edict?

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Hume and Williams mix it up over torture on Fox News Sunday

Hume asks what good can it do to tell the enemy what we do and don’t do. Juan Williams’ response … exactly Britt. No need for a big explanation just watch and enjoy.


About that “no tax increase for the middle class” … never mind

Jim Geraghty nailed it months ago … everything the Messiah says comes with an expiration date like the … “If you make less than $250,ooo a year you will not see your taxes go up.” Well until we need it that is … today the NY Times reports that the President is considering taxing health benefits you receive from your company as income.

The issue was address on this morning’s talk shows … first my man Austin Goolsby … it’s not the President’s plan … he’s just considering it. This guy is good.


then by Dr Christina “the number may be wrong but the story is accurate” Romer. Notice please the spin …


That my friends is some pretzel twisting.

I actually have no problem with this as it goes. It is income and if you are taxing income, which you should not, then you should. The big problem is with another expired promise from the One. Can we believe anything he says.