Patrick Cook’s submitted testimony on gun rights after Fort Hood shooting (Video)

Below is 1st Lt. Patrick Cook’s submitted testimony delivered by Chris Coleman, a member of the Texas Army National Guard. Cook was in a room with 14 others at Fort Hood when a man armed with a handgun tried to force his way into the room on April 2. Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Ferguson (39) died that day while barricading the door keeping the other 14 in the room safe. Ferguson did not have to die.

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Fort Hood: Prepare to be infuriated

Our good friend Andy McCarthy reveals the shenanigans at Fort Hood continue in the name of what, political correctness, sensitivity? Just weeks after an Islamic terrorist guns down 13 people, 12 soldiers, it’s the US Army that’s getting the lecture on political correctness?

It’s been brought to my attention by several reliable sources that the Defense Department has brought Louay Safi to Fort Hood as an instructor, and that he has been lecturing on Islam to our troops in Fort Hood who are about to deploy to Afghanistan. Safi is a top official of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), and served as research director at the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT).

Worse, last evening, Safi was apparently permitted to present a check (evidently on behalf of ISNA) to the families of the victims of last month’s Fort Hood massacre. A military source told the blogger Barbarossa at the Jawa Report: “This is nothing short of blood money. This is criminal and the Ft. Hood base commander should be fired right now.”

You need to read the whole thing please.

Chicago Mayor blames Fort Hood Masacre on guns

Does the Mayor honestly believe that a civilian ban on guns would have stopped this crazy Jihadist. Does the Mayor honestly think that a ban on possession would stop AQ from instructing and recruiting extremists to their cause in this country? It hasn’t stopped the drug lords from tearing up his city.

Before you watch the video, read this from Founding Bloggers, and make sure you read the entire post. It’s not long … but it is on the mark.

With no pogrom backlash after 9/11, no pogrom backlash after Bali, no pogrom backlash after Madrid, no pogrom backlash after London, no pogrom backlash after Mumbai, no backlash after countless other Jihad attacks, why would there be any reason to believe the reaction would be any different in this case? As we have written before, the West has already passed this particular civility test.

The Mayor is using a straw-man argument that conveniently provides him with an opportunity to politicize the terrorist attack as part and parcel with America’s love of guns.

It’s the same point I made in an e-mail to a listener today. In it he made the point that General Casey had reason to be concerned that there might be some racist backlash in the Army. As I replied to him, although FB was much more eloquent, there is just no reason to believe there will suddenly be a backlash when there has been none to date.

There certainly is no reason to blame guns.

CNN twists Private’s words to fit the narrative

Their ratings are in the tank, overall the media’s trust level, at an all time low, and trust me this will not help CNN or the MSM.

Mudville Gazette caught this (via Ace and a hat tip to RVO reader Laura) … but watch the video below and judge for yourself. On American Morning Private Joseph Foster relates how when Major Hasan began shooting he shouted “Allahu Akbar”, which, has become a rally cry for Islamic Jihad Terrorists. But … in their on-line print story, this is how CNN is reporting the incident.

“I was sitting in about the second row back when the assailant stood up and yelled ‘Allahu akbar’ in Arabic and he opened fire,” Foster said Monday on CNN’s “American Morning.”

Foster, 21, said he wasn’t clear about whether the gunman said those exact words, noting that “with that much adrenaline, you tend to forget things.”

Well no … that’s not how the Private saw it and Mudville catches it here. The first quote is correct … but the second comes two minutes later. Mudville picks up the story.

But two minutes later in the interview, Foster would try to downplay Roberts’ implication that he was a hero:

ROBERTS: So you were acting like a soldier. You were acting heroically. We should point out that you’re with the 20th Engineer Battalion and despite your best efforts and I guess the efforts of your comrades, as well, four members of the battalion were killed, 10 others were injured. And you were shot in the hip and you didn’t realize it at the time?

Foster: I had realized it at first, but with that much adrenaline, you tend to forget things.

Meaning very specifically that an adrenaline rush can help you overcome pain – or in Foster’s case forget you’ve been shot. And hero or not, that’s what you get for telling CNN something they don’t want to hear.

Mudville reports CNN has changed (covered up) its main story … but it continues to be quoted elsewhere on its site. And it’s spreading. Here’s the video.


And I was just starting to watch and even like CNN again. Too much.

Intellegence community: 10 to 20 e-mails between Hasan and Islamic cleric

Not just any Islamic cleric, we’re talking about the radical Anwar al-Aulaqi, who once served as imam in a Falls Church, Va. mosque attended by traitor and terrorist Nidal Hasan. Speculation is al-Aulaqi counseled Hasan after the spiritual leader bolted for Yemen.

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Col Ralph Peters: Follow the money- Update: General Casey concerned for Muslim diversity

Once again Colonel Peters is out ahead of everyone on this story and shows we why we have him as a frequent guest. You heard him here first, call Major Hasan’s shooting an act of terrorism. Now he says, not only does he believe political correctness led to the massacre at Fort Hood … but the investigation should be looking into Hasan’s finances. Asks Peters, why was he living in such poverty when he was living on an officer’s salary and benefits? Good question but will we get an answer?


Update: Here’s the bite that bit Colonel Peters the most. From CNN on Sunday. General George Casey doesn’t want anyone to jump to conclusions … nope. He’s concerned that the Army may sacrifice, more men? Nope, he’s concerned that the Army may sacrifice diversity. The relevant portion begins at 2:00.


Lieberman on Fort Hood massacre … terrorism – Update- roundup

Connecting the dots in a way no one in the media seems willing to do. I understand why the President intends to hold back, but as you listen to Joe detailing Hasan’s background, it’s hard not to come to the same conclusion.

“He shouted out according to bystanders the words Allahu Akbar … and the fact that he did that at the moment of these murders if that’s confirmed, raises a genuine concern that this was a terrorist attack.”


Just minutes later Joe warns that not all terror comes from overseas and then proceeds to list the attacks on American soldiers. Connecticut more dots.


The Senator makes a compelling case. How long will the media ignore?

UPDATE: If you want a roundup and links about Colonel Maj. Hasan, Hot Air has a fine post here. (My bad folks. I have Colonel on the brain. It certainly was not my attention to give him a promotion. Still, coming from a Navy family, not bad if that’s my only mistake. Again, sorry)

Do over

Can’t say I’m not fair. President Obama says today what he should have said three days ago. He dedicates his 4 minute weekly address to the massacre at Fort Hood. It’s a good speech but it’s his third try. Read more

Fort Hood round up – Video

I am gate to the gate on blogging on this story. But if you are looking for a timeline, Allahpundit at Hot Air has the best including Shep Smith’s exclusive interviews with two soldiers who worked with Maj. Hasan.

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Col. Ralph Peters on Fort Hood massacre: Podcast – no time for political correctness

Today’s interview with Col. Ralph Peters is below the fold. The colonel has always been a voice of reason when it comes to military matters, Iraq and Afghanistan. A noted soldier, author and columnist, I asked for clarity on the Fort Hood massacre when we set this up and he certainly gives it. Read more