Newt goes after Chris Mathews – What kind of racist thinking do you have?

I really don’t think Newt Gingrich should have been smiling during this exchange. He should have called it just like it was and be serious and diligent with Chris Matthews about his obvious issues. Get mad at Matthews for his idiotic opinion … call him out … conservatives should not take this crap.

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Turning food stamps to cash with bottle deposits

Everyone’s creative. Showing off their entrepreneurial spirit in many states around the country, some recipients are turning their federal government-provided food stamps into cash by purchasing inexpensive cases of bottled water, dumping out the water in the parking lot, and turning in the bottles for cash at the same store.

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Jobs, not food stamps: The 60 Minutes report that drove the show UPDATE: Hot Air kudos to CBS

It really is worth watching because it outlines beautifully (umm, pardon the adjective) the problem facing 14 million Americans. Relying on food stamps, unemployment checks, and neighbor kindness to stay afloat in an economy that clearly is not recovering, merely treading water. Read more