Wading in… The open carry verses concealed carry argument

In the past, I have avoided the concealed carry versus open carry discussion simply because the final call is dependent on the law where you are and personal preference, but we can wade into it all right here. More than a year ago, I found a post in the US Carry forum by contributor Mainsail. He wrote the essay in March 2009 and it is reposted here – in full – with permission. (Thank you!) Read more

United States cyber security legislation may include a high-capacity magazine ban

Why are politicians allowed to do this kind of stuff? Lucky for us living in the Internet age, congress-critters can’t sneak stuff into legislation that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual legislation. Some Democrat senators are trying to add a high-capacity magazine ban into S.3414, the Cybersecurity Act of 2012.

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No, we do not need additional firearm regulation

There has been a tremendous amount of mis-information dished out by talking heads on the 24 hour news channels and even guests who suggest they are experts in their field.

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Sometimes, only the gun stands between good an evil

A long video (17 minutes) but I think it’s worth passing on.

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NRA’s gun safety program for kids pays off in Michigan

Remember when some journalists freaked out when Martha Dean advocated firearm safety training in Connecticut schools? Well that same training worked out pretty good for four young kids in Michigan who found a loaded revolver while playing hide and seek. Stop; Don’t Touch; Leave the Area; Tell an Adult.

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Mexican reporter asks, why don’t you just veto the second amendment?

Hey, this question wouldn’t surprise me if it were asked by an American reporter. Still it was great just to see the President have to defend the second amendment. You have to wonder though if he was thinking the same thing? Read more

Connecticut legislator proposes ex post facto law for gun magazine capacity limit

Article 1, Section 9, Clause 3 of the Constitution is clear concerning ex post facto laws, but that won’t stop the anti-gun left in Connecticut from making possession of high-capacity gun magazines – previously completely legal to buy and own – a felony unless you turn in the ones you own within 90 days.

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Someone freaks out at sight of pistol at Middletown, Conn. City Hall

In Connecticut, it is legal to carry a pistol either openly or concealed as long as you have a Connecticut Pistol Permit. If you call the police and complain about someone carrying a pistol walking down the street, or running errands at City Hall, the standard reply should be “that would be completely legal to do.” Not the case in Middletown, Conn. today.

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New York: Four dead, four wounded by knife-wielding attacker

Another tragedy for the victims of a violent act. Maksim Gelman allegedly used a knife to first kill his stepfather, then drove to an ex-girlfriends house where he killed her mother and the ex-girlfriend. He went on to kill two more and wound at least four others. I realize it’s a cliché now, but why isn’t Mayor Bloomberg calling for more restrictions on the sale of knives?

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Feel-good firearm legislation in Connecticut – Gun offender registration

In Connecticut, after you serve your time in jail and complete your probation for killing a person with a knife, there is no requirement – or current suggestion by lawmakers – to require you “register” as a knife offender. Heck, there is no requirement you register with the state even if you are a convicted murderer. But if you commit your crime with a gun, you’re a different class of scumbag.

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