Dodd … Stand By Your Friends

Chris Dodd is coming out but the answers still ring hollow. Connecticut’s senior senator tells Channel 3’s Dennis House:

  • Hey, Countrywide’s Robert Feinberg’s lying … no sweetheart mortgage deal
  • No I will not release my mortgage papers … everyone already saw em … for a day
  • The Irish cottage thing … hey the appraisal said it was worth the $200,000 … who am I to argue?
  • and finally on his real estate dealings with and arranged 2001 Presidential pardon for convicted securities fraud friend Edward Downe … you stand by your friends … well that is except if your friend is standing on principal … like Joe Lieberman?

Dodd on the mortgage deal …


Oh and if you’re interested, here’s what Countrywide’s Robert Feinberg told the Feds …


Just so we can set the record straight, Dodd did get a deal above and beyond the average mortgage rate, which he claimed he negotiated. I can assure the Senator, 4 and 1/4 on a loan that size … you got a sweetheart deal. Not to mention closing costs, which may or may not have been waived, I do not know because I have not seen the documents. And as for seeing those mortgage papers again …. fogeddaboudit!


Allowing select reporters to view documents for a view hours and calling it transparency is dishonest in itself. As I have said before, it was a circus. I was considering posting Dodd’s answer on his $200,000 (2001 prices) seaside gold coast Irish cottage … but I won’t bother. Suffice to say it was … “the bank appraised it and what could I say”.

All a all nice try but if this is the best he has, he’s got problems … big ones. You know what a house is worth, especially when condos in the area go for much more. It stinks which is why we keep saying … release the papers.