Obama and McCain answer the question – does evil exist?

On July 16, I asked someone – anyone – to ask Obama one question. Does evil exist? It took about one month, but Rick Warren – during his Faith Forum Saturday night – asked both Obama and McCain the question. It’s a valid question and one that many liberals try to weasel out of.

Of course, Obama provided a very thoughtful answer that did not answer the question. When asked the question if evil should be ignored, negotiated with, contained or defeated, Obama said we should confront it. We should confront it? What the heck does that mean? As far as I can tell, that could mean that we yell at them from across the courtyard – leave us alone!

Yeah, that will work wonders. Read more

Ask Obama – does evil exist?

When a conversation begins concerning terrorists, sit back and listen for a few moments. As smart conservatives, it’s hard to avoid jumping right into a discussion and taking a stand, but hold out if you can.

What can be an effective first question? How about does evil exist? The answer from the group members will dictate the flow of the conversation. So Senator Obama, does evil exist? Read more