European allies will not be happy about NSA bugging them

The NSA monitoring operations could destroy the Obama administration’s good-will that has been building since before he was elected in 2008. I’m wondering if someone is going to demand a recall of the Nobel Peace Prize President Obama received before he did anything. Or will he be left alone?

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Carbon permits are alive and well, at least in Europe

In January 2012, per the European Union, all airlines that fly to Europe must purchase carbon emission permits.  Yes, you read that correctly. If American Airlines flies from New York to, let’s say Lisbon, when virtually none of the flight is over Europe, American must pay for a carbon permit to do so. Read more

The nanny state: we’ve turned adults into children

EU MP Daniel Hannan is talking about Europe after a generation of state sponsored sloth … but it is what awaits America. Good video. Read more

Another WPA: Matthews suggests we work on … railroads

You lefties crack me up. And you make fun of us for talking about the Reagan era. You guys can’t get the “New Deal” out of your system. You get it that the natives are restless because of high unemployment and you think you can calm those “Bible thumping, gun toting, PBR swilling, sister kissing, gapped tooth righties” by putting them to work fixing you lunch or something.

The only similarity between 1933 and 2010 is there’s a Democrat at the helm of double digit unemployment, and, as the White House said yesterday, we can expect that kind of unemployment for years to come. The reasons are similar too. Government is sucking up all the capital and refusing to release the free market from overbearing mandates, all in the name of … jobs?

This morning Washington Post columnist called on the President to start another WPA. Spoken like a man who hasn’t dug a ditch in a while.

If we expect U.S. manufacturers to rehire all — or even most — of their laid-off workers, we’ll be badly disappointed.

That’s why the nation needs a public jobs program in addition to a policy of helping small businesses grow again. The infrastructure investments Obama proposed will go part of the way toward meeting that goal, but specific programs of public employment, such as those created by Franklin Roosevelt and that notorious radical Richard Nixon (who signed into law the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act, or CETA) are needed as well.

Remember too, the work force of 1933 is much different than today. I hardly think a laid off bank teller, insurance clerk, or investment advisor will be well suited for WPA work, but that’s just me.

Then there’s Chris Matthews who noticed we are not enough like Europe. (OK, we are when it comes to unemployment now, but I digress).They have big fast trains that carry his children to and fro across the landscape while they “study abroad”. Let’s put you laid off insurance folk to work building, trains?


So you see, instead of let them eat cake, it’s let them lay ties.