It’s not student loan interest – it’s the principal and principle of it all

Does everyone understand how low student loan rates are? Borrowing money for college during the last 10 years has never been less expensive. So why are Democrats freaking out about the loan interest rates, while turning a blind eye to the huge tuition increases at public (and private) colleges and universities?

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The unasked question about Elizabeth Warren (slightly updated)

It is has been suggested that Elizabeth Warren, currently running against Scott Brown for Ted Kennedy’s old senate seat in MA, used her self proclaimed minority status to “earn” her position at Harvard after coming from a sub Ivy institution, and having been accused of academic dishonesty.  Harvard denied, and continues to deny, that race played a role in her hiring, but listed her as a “minority”, based solely on information she provided to them.

I am sure it is purest coincidence that Harvard was in the midst of some “diversity unrest” regarding the racial makeup of its faculty, some of which our current president participated  in, in the year(s) just prior to her hiring (1992).  If Harvard was/is as racially myopic as the protesters claim, hiring an obviously white woman (blue eyed and blonde haired no less; cheekbones notwithstanding), who could claim to be a minority would be the answer to their prayers (or whatever Harvard moonbats do.  Crow at the moon?): a woman and a minority.

It would appear that Harvard has created its own Wade Churchill.  *Correction: this fraud’s name is WARD Churchill.  Thanks, JBS!

There is one question that remains unanswered: by her, or Harvard’s, use of her so called “Cherokee” heritage to obtain a coveted spot on the Harvard faculty, she must necessarily have “bumped” a legitimate minority candidate, which, given her sketchy background, seems to be what they were looking for.  At minimum, it would have unfairly tipped the scales in her direction.    Why isn’t the media, or some civil rights group pursuing this?  It would be interesting to find and speak to the other candidates for the Harvard position and ask them their opinion of the Liawatha controversy, or if Fauxcohontas deserves her position after it has been revealed that her “heritage” is so miniscule, so ethereal that real Cherokees are challenging her claims.

Has “affirmative action” run so amok that the school didn’t even do a background check to see if she really had any minority standing, or has the definition of minority, sex, etc., simply degenerated into an “I identify myself as a……..” idiocy?    Apparently so, since illegals have been given tacit permission to “identify” themselves as U.S. citizens.

The road to hell is a slippery slope of feel good legislation.


UPDATE: Warren recently tried to rub elbows with the common folk but ended up with her own “Dukakis in the tank” or “Kerry bunny suit” picture.   The cynic in me wonders if the motorcycle was an Indian motorcycle…..

Another Elizabeth Warren moment

The race between Massachusetts republican Senator Scott Brown and democrat candidate Elizabeth Warren always seems to provide entertaining moments.  And it did so again on Monday. Read more

Obamacare: Congress passed it, now they are reading it

A piece of Obamacare imposes a tax on medical device manufacturers.  Members of Congress now seem horrified.  It is almost as if “someone” hid this provision from them…except, they are the “someone” that wrote it and passed it. Read more

Political correctness run amok

Last week the Oregon Board of Education passed a new regulation prohibiting any public school from using a  team name, logo or mascot that “depicts or refers to an American Indian Tribe, individual, custom or tradition”.  All schools must comply, or risk cuts in state funding. Read more

Will the liberals ever tell us the truth?

Today, Breitbart News released another piece of President Obama’s past.  Now, let me be absolutely clear.  I am not a “birther”.  That is NOT the point of this post.  The point is honesty.  Read more

The Deal Behind the AIG deal – Video: Warren vs Geithner

OK, the video is juicy and it’s fun to watch a very smart woman smack down the wizard of smart (H/T Rush). But, to truly enjoy Professor Warren’s performance and Tim Geithner’s squirm, you need some background. Read more