Polling for Dummies

Over the last couple months, there has been a great many poll numbers flying about, with this candidate up and that candidate down or vice versa.  Now, without getting into the actual mathematical and statistical details, these polls, contrary to popular belief, do not give you a precise answer.  They may not even give you an accurate answer.  To understand what they are really telling you, you  have to understand the lingo. Read more

See You in November … the musical

Something to cheer up your Monday morning via Glenn Reynolds and Instapundit. Read more

Under the impression McCain–Feingold would get the cash out of campaigns?

Hah! Fooled you, but it certainly did not fool me. The McCain-Feingold legislation was a “bipartisan” campaign reform act intended to address the increased role of soft money in campaigns and those pesky issue advocacy ads, yet it was sold to Americans by referencing all the cash involved in political campaigns.

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Gibbs: On second thought, yeah, we could lose the House

Sometimes reality comes along and smacks you right in the old keester. In this case the Real Clear Polls, Charlie Cook and others have been warning about this for months. When you triple the deficit in a year and a half, spend almost a trillion dollars on “stimulus” and you are still bleeding jobs and unemployment stands at 9.5% … you’ve got a problem. Read more

Some unique campaign promises

The approval rating of Congress seems to be at or near an all time low.  Americans are disgusted with the policies, the procedures and the apparent aloofness displayed by our elected officials on a daily basis.

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