University ban on blood drives sends wrong message

San Jose State University will continue to suspend future blood drives due to federal government regulations concerning a donor’s personal history. The FDA bans gay men from donating blood, and officials say this is discrimination.

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So, what does Obama think of Chicago’s school voucher proposal?

Let’s get something straight. School vouchers are pretty much exclusively supported by conservatives and those who actually want kids to succeed. Those against student vouchers are usually unions and government bureaucrats who complain about dollars being “removed” from public education … where kids are indoctrinated.

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Obama’s education secretary Duncan may have manipulated student enrollment in Chicago

Arne Duncan – when heading the Chicago public school system – may have placed students in the school of their parents choice after taking calls from powerful business owners and political elites, including congressmen and senators. This special “appeal” process was unknown to the general public.

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Connecticut Supreme Court: Students guaranteed adequate standard of education quality

A wonderful gesture. The Connecticut Supreme Court ruled that not only must the state provide a substantially equal educational opportunity to its youth in its free public elementary and secondary schools, but they must also get an education that will adequately prepare them for college or a job in the real world.

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School administrators violating civil rights of children – Fed to step in

Certainly not the ultimate nanny-state policy, but at least the federal government is not suggesting regulation of parents at home … yet. School administrators who violate the civil rights of kids on the other hand, they are fair game if they want federal funding.

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Maybe universities should start with remedial spelling

UPDATE: Ray warned this morning, make sure this wasn’t photoshopped. We’ll keep an eye on it, but for now, it sure looks real to me.

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Economics: Fear the boom and bust with Keynes and Hayek

As I was trying to decide if I was going to watch President Obama or try to generate some Schedule C income tonight, a reader sent this link to a video at the EconStories Web site. You can call this Econ 201 since it is a bit more advanced, but well worth the time to watch. Read more

Medical schools suggest big government incentives for new docs

When I was writing about the future shortage of physicians months ago, I was wondering when medical school deans would first suggest a federal bailout to  increase the number of future docs. And so it has come…

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Basic algebra not so basic in New York

The New York Daily News article used the words shocking and disturbing to describe the math problem on display by college freshman who graduated from New York City high schools. Are they kidding? Are you telling me they did not see this coming?

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I’m experiencing deja vu: Obama’s education plan

I’m not kidding. It looks like Obama is proposing to spend $5 billion on the exact same “leave no child behind” type of federal legislation pushed through Congress eight years ago. He’s saying it didn’t work last time so we’re going to do basically the exact same thing again? This is out of control.

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