It’s for the children – Tacoma teacher strike hits day seven

Is this strike about quality school text books, student supplies or a quality curriculum?  Nope, it’s supposedly a little about teacher pay and class size, but mostly about tenured teachers and their ability to transfer to schools they want to teach at.

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Education and opinion polls

Do you ever hear the results of an opinion poll and think to yourself, how could that possibly be true?  A recent poll conducted about funding for education will answer that question. Read more

Boston students still bussed,, but now it is based on school quality, not race

Have you ever wondered why, despite the claims of knowing what is best for our children and the millions of dollars thrown at the public education system, schools in cities and states exclusively controlled by Democrats aren’t the most wonderful and perfect schools in existence?  Where is the liberal utopia that is promised every election cycle?  Read more

Obama asks for reform and more CASH for education system

How many times have we reformed the education system in the United States? How many billions have been thrown at the problem? In Boston yesterday, President Obama asked for more reform and more money to solve the education woes.

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Liberal education blocks conservative opinion at Pratt Institute

Nice. Just more proof there is absolutely no room in the liberal/progressive/socialist/statist halls of higher education for conservative views. The Pratt Institute does seem to be a private institution, so there is no censorship here that I can see, but don’t you dare suggest this school is open to discussion of various points of view.

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Gov. Christie to school administrator … “Let me help you pack”

As school administrator contracts expire in New Jersey, employees will be subject to a salary cap. Of course, if you’re contract is about to expire and you’re making more than the proposed cap, that means a pay cut. To keep the high-paid administrators on staff at the current (or higher) salaries, school boards are suggesting contract extensions instead of new contracts.

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Lie to New Jersey Gov. Christie … you goin’ down, down, down

New Jersey Education Commissioner Bret Schundler has been relieved of his duties. Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) made it a point to note Schundler provided the correct budget figures at a “Race to the Top” presentation in Washington D.C. Did anyone have a camera focused on Schundler when Christie made that claim?

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Cato: The reality of money and jobs in public education

If you’re going to argue the reduction of public education funding or the reduction of the number of teachers/assistants/administrators will directly result in lower student performance, you need to show the increase in funding and positions within the system improved student performance in the first place.

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Federal government now must “save” local education

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is asking Congress to put politics and ideology aside – for the good of the children – and come up with $23 billion to save education in America. What did you really expect would happen? The $100 billion in stimulus funding was just the tip of the iceberg.

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Los Angeles high school teacher calls for Mexican revolution in United States

Ron Gochez is a high school social studies teacher at the Santee Education Complex in Los Angeles. In his spare time he calls for a Mexican revolution from the steps on the UCLA campus, of which he has determined to be stolen, occupied Mexican land.

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