A nation of wusses? Where’s that pioneer spirit asks … Ed Rendell?

This is the driver of the morning. If you are not familiar with the story, the Eagles cancelled their game with Minnesota scheduled for Sunday night because of the threat of snow. That’s all Ed Rendell needed to hear. As you listen to this interview you will be stunned this is a Democrat. Listen to him as he talks about personal freedom. Read more

Pennsylvania governor demands you ‘run away’ from attackers on the street

Even though the Pennsylvania state legislature overwhelmingly extended the state’s Castle Doctrine outside of a persons home or workplace, lame-duck Governor Ed Rendell (D-Pa.) vetoed the bill yesterday. He thinks if you or your family are attacked on the street, you have a duty to retreat and have no right to stand your ground and protect yourself.

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Governor Ed Rendell on Sestak job offer: Hey sometimes you need to use some bare knuckles.

Yo, and yoose know what I’m talkin’ about. Well, he’s honest. First some background. The topic on Fox News Sunday was the Sestak job offer. Did the White House offer Congressman Joe a job in exchange for dropping out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary. The White House, after consulting with all the parties involved, pointed the finger at the poster boy of credibility, Bill Clinton. saying he offered Joe a non paying job. But as Chris Wallace points out … that’s not exactly hope and change. But it is the new Democrat mantra … everyone does it. But … Read more

You were hoodwinked, bamboozled, duped

Just in case you didn’t know … and that’s why Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell thinks we need a mortgage bailout program. Not because you may have gone into too much home (and you knew it), and used your house like a credit card (irresponsibly), or hoped that the home’s value would just keep increasing and you could sell anytime. No, in the New Democrat world … you were just tricked … bamboozled … hoodwinked.

Oh and watch Governor Granholm bang her head on the table stunned that Sanford doesn’t like the plan.


BTW, Governor Rendell’s comment on judges restructuring second home mortgage paper. True, and on student loans and car loans too.

But, extending the power to first mortgages is indeed a dangerous extention, applying to a far greater number of people and far greater dollar amounts. What’s more it vastly increases the lenders risk when making mortgages now … and what happens when risk rises? HMMMMMMMMMM? Do you know?