I never met a tax cut that created a job

Is it that they are really this stupid in Congress, or is that they think we are? No, he said it, and this is why the Democrats will never get it. Maybe it’s because most of them are lawyers. Maybe none of them ever took a class in economics. Maybe … I’ve run out of explanations, but surely this one single bite explains why, as Glenn Reynolds always says sarcastically “The country is in the best of hands.”

It starts with Democrat Congressman Gene Green explaining why the stimulus hasn’t worked yet. That explanation alone is reason enough not to give them our money. It takes time for the government to spend money, he says. True … but it lasts an eternity.


Boehner to Hoyer: You sound like the “dog ate your homework.”

Debating the non stimulating stimulus plan. Congressman Hoyer tries to cover for the stimulus not stimulating and Boehner holds his feet to the fire.

The question Chris Wallace puts to Congressman Hoyer is a simple one. Do we need another stimulus. Stenny goes off on we just need more time, we inherited a mess … yada, yada. For Boehner, enough is enough and stops him cold. Then he throws in the plan the Republicans offered for good measure.

Finally a Republican stands up and speaks out on a talk show.


Couldn’t we use more of this. or am I wrong. Maybe better … where has this kind of push back been?

Government does not always have to “do something”

I’ve been thinking about health care, the auto industry, mortgages, banking, housing and even the self-imposed energy crisis. With every one, Americans seem to have fallen into some desire for the federal government to step in and fix it. They need to do something! Read more

Stimulus … Throw it from helicopters

Why not … Jonas Max Ferris  on “Cashin In” may have found the best way to distribute the cash. At least we could pick it up and spend it … maybe even stimulate some businesses. The consensus of this panel; the stimulus ain’t stimulating.

These panel members all run investment funds and they are all there because they are successful and they do disagree politically but the majority of the panel seemed to agree with Wayne Rogers … “SLUSH”


Silence, you knaves

This is just so unbelievable … it’s … well unbelievable? Just the next step toward the new America the Messiah … err … the President … has been talking about. Read more

Federal stimulus funds for crime victims in Connecticut

Providing $1 million in federal grant money for victims of crime in Connecticut really sounds honorable, but why the heck is the federal government providing these funds to the state? The baseline of most of my opinions is the United States Constitution. The Constitution provides specific responsibilities to Congress and the rest are left to the states and the people.

What makes this even worse is the funding is being passed down as part of the 2009 Recovery Act. ARRGGHHHH!

Why don’t we just have the federal government start funding snow removal on city streets, funding for public schools, installation of stop signs, street lights and new sidewalks. Oh yeah… WE ALREADY ARE! Do you see the main problem here?

Reader Matt N. forwards a news release from the Connecticut Judicial Branch.

The U.S. Department of Justice has awarded the Connecticut Judicial Branch’s Office of Victim Services (OVS) more than $1 million in grant money through funding under the Fiscal Year 2009 Recovery Act.

Of the total $1,017,841 received, $285,841 will go toward reimbursing victims for expenses incurred as a result of violent crime – for example, medical costs, mental health counseling, funeral and burial costs, and lost wages or loss of support. This money will be administered through the Office of Victim Services’ compensation unit.

The remaining $732,000 will be used to support non-profit agencies that contract with OVS and serve crime victims, such as the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence and its 18 member programs. States receiving the money are required under the grant to give priority to programs serving victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse; these types of programs provide services that include crisis intervention, counseling, emergency shelter, criminal justice advocacy and emergency transportation. Additional funds must be set aside for underserved victims, such as survivors of homicide victims and victims of drunken drivers. The OVS will administer the allocation of this money as well.

Generational theft: continued

This is really the third in a series of posts but in many ways I think is the most important. Make sure you read Unemployment estimates with and without recovery plan and The Coming economic meltdown. Read more

The coming economic meltdown

Steve posted earlier on the economy and the $800 billion stimulus package that appears to be doing nothing to lower unemployment. His biggest fear is that the Democrats will use this to go back and request more money. A legitimate fear to be sure BUT THAT IS NOT my biggest fear. Read more

Unemployment estimates – with and without recovery plan Update: Video

This is the kind of research the main stream media does not seem able to do. Let’s say I told you we needed to spend $1 million dollars to keep unemployment from rising 2 percent next month. You agreed, we spent the $1 million, but unemployment still went up 2 percent. What would your reaction be? Read more