Not in the news – Drug runners now shooting at US law enforcement from Mexico

Oh, this is just great. How can this not be a serious issue discussed by the main stream media? Drug runners were trying to bring a boat or two filled with drugs across the border – the Rio Grande River – into Texas when US authorities in patrol boats attempted to stop them. First, criminals from Mexico started throwing rocks, then they started shooting.

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Obamacare’s “prescription” mess

We are now some three months into Obamacare’s new rules concerning Health Savings Accounts, or HSA’s.  We told you about the new rules shortly after they took effect, and, now we can report the outcome.  It isn’t pretty.

HSA’s are used by millions of Americans as a way to pay for health care with before tax dollars.  Typically, the money you decide to put into your HSA is deducted from your pay check by your employer and placed into a special account.  You are usually given a debit card, and, then for example, when you go to your local drug store to purchase over the counter medicine, you use your debit card for payment.

Critics say the accounts encourage overconsumption of medical services. Since consumers typically must forfeit unused funds by year’s end, they often ended up scrambling in December to drain their funds by loading up on aspirin, antacid and the like.

To solve this critical problem, Obamacare now mandates that you can only use your HSA for drugs if you have a doctor’s prescription for said drug.  So, it comes a no surprise that Americans are now calling their doctors to ask for a prescription for aspirin, or NyQuil, or Prilosec.


[some] malpractice insurers are now urging doctors not to write any prescription without seeing the patient in person…

So, your $2 bottle of aspirin now costs $2 plus your copay for a visit to your doctor, that is, if you are willing to go to all that trouble.

Beyond that, the law is creating real problems for pharmacies.

Thousands of over-the-counter products now must pass behind the pharmacist’s counter when the customer pays with the special debit card.

‘At the moment it’s considered a prescription, it’s subject to all the regulatory requirements,’ says Mike DeAngelis, a spokesman for CVS. ‘It runs through our quality assurance process. We have to generate a label.’ The chain also puts each of the prescribed drugs in an individual paper bag.

The good news, though, in our march toward deficit neutrality, the CBO has estimated that this program will generate $5 billion in additional tax revenue…over 10 years.  Most, if not all, of that will come from those who can little afford it.

Gee, if “end of the year” aspirin hoarding was such a serious problem, wouldn’t it have made more sense to allow unused HSA funds to roll over into the next year?

Oh, sorry, that would have been a logical solution.

Invisible victims of FDA drug policy

I’d call this quite the intellectual challenge. At what point do you stop testing and start distributing new drugs that will help people live healthier lives? Walter Williams points out an important issue influencing the drug approval process. Read more

Turning Kids Into Snitches, Part Two (Connecticut)

We spent a couple hours on this topic last Friday, and Erik posted on the subject here. Now Connecticut has its own case of teenage informants … Read more

Turning kids into snitches!!

At first it may seem like a good idea to recruit school children to snitch on each other for selling drugs. This Suffolk County NY plan pays kids $500 for tips. But upon further review, is this really such a good idea?


I think that they have to take a look at the proliferation of illegal drugs. Everyone seems to have the perception that there is some creepy guy standing on the corner trying to force kids to accept drugs. I don’t think that it really works that way. So what you will get it kids texting in tips and snitching on someone that was a friend last week but snubbed them at the football game last night. My assumption is that they will be getting all kinds or texts regarding drug users not sellers.

From the drug dealers’ perspective, if some nark rats me out via text message that kid is getting his ass kicked, or worse!! For so many reasons beyond what I will enumerate here this is a bad idea.

I think that we need to get used to this type of thing though. If you recall, back in July Obama told us his plans to create a national security force that is as large and well funded as the US military. Oh and by the way, when he dropped that bomb he got the audience cheering so that when he says it the audience is mid-cheer. This is a manipulation technique.

Here is the clip of that statement. By the way this is NOT ok; there are laws against a national security force patrolling our streets. The suggestion of such a think is offensive.