He’s a dreamer … let him go

Union representatives for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol are claiming leadership and management is requiring line officers to release – without charges – illegal aliens who may fall into the DREAM-Act category. As usual, law enforcement can’t ask for any papers, even after they have been arrested for crimes.

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Øbama’s implementation of the “DREAM” Act

As SOS noted in an earlier post, Øbama has seen fit to unilaterally implement the so called “DREAM” Act through an executive order.  It is glaringly obvious – dare I say transparent – that a very desperate Øbama, with poll numbers in the toilet and an administration full of so called “experts” ineffectively flailing at the economy, is trying everything he can to bolster his voting base.  The Motor Voter Act and the Democrat’s constant resistance to any positive identification to vote will help guarantee that.

We are constantly told that illegal aliens “do the jobs that Americans don’t want to do”.  Okay, let’s accept that premise for a minute.  If true, then we are importing an effective slave class of workers to “do menial tasks that (we presumably) can’t get Americans to do” even with Øbama’s horrendous unemployment figures (even though that was shown not to be true when ICE did raids on Smithfield meat packing plants in Alabama in 2008).  Liberals also tell us how important it is to keep the families of illegals together, educate them as we do citizens, give them free welfare, medical care etc., and that we can’t possibly deport them as fast as they are flowing in.

Naturally, most of these people are grateful to be here, given the places and conditions they left.  My question is this: once the current crop (pardon the pun) of workers retires or whatever, who will replace them?

The liberals never seem to address this (yet another example of what Jim describes as liberal’s inability or lack of desire to figure out things to their logical conclusion).  Once we create, and are dependent on, these low wage workers, we will have to find more to replace those now working.

Will it be the people that have waited patiently to come in the front door?  Not likely.  They are usually well qualified individuals that have aspirations to set up businesses, teach whatever.

Will it be the children of the current illegals?   Very unlikely.  Once they go through our current school system, get exposed to our way of life, television, etc., they will likely develop the same aversion to fieldwork and other menial labor as the children of citizens.  As the old song goes, “How are you going to keep them down on the farm once they’ve seen Paris?”.

Will it be a new wave of illegals?  Undoubtedly.  It would have to be.  Given the liberal’s aversion to preserving/defending the borders, and middle America’s aversion to liberals, they need waves of new potential voters.  They are trying to buy into the rapid growth of “hispanic” community with entitlements and open borders.  They will recycle the arguments of today down the road, and we will be faced with the same problem in another 20 years or less.  Using the gratefulness of illegals to pad their voter rolls is both illegal and immoral.

Care for a vicious cycle, anyone?

Another thing to consider is whether this constant influx of illegals will actually prolong or maintain the high unemployment we see now.  It seems unavoidable, as there are only so many jobs available in the country, and illegals will continue to supplant citizen workers as they do now, working for minimal wages and requiring no benefits (for the moment), leaving the citizens to go on unemployment.  When you hire an illegal to do your roof to save a buck, it means that the American roofing company down the road gets no business, pays no wages or taxes.  Similarly, the children of illegals will supplant the children of citizens in college, as there will be seats set aside for them based on their illegal status or some “affirmative action” setup.  And don’t forget competition for limited student loans.

The point is, the constant, virtually unimpeded flow of illegals as a class of government dependent proles into the country benefits nobody except the politicians that believe they can milk votes out of them, and the system is set up to keep the flow going out of a contrived necessity.

Front door immigration is a great and good thing; backdoor illegal invasions are not, and half the battle will require the repeal of the citizenship clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.

The path to citizenship starts at the end of the line in their home countries, behind honest applicants waiting patiently to get in.  We must not reward squatters.