Hillary Clinton to TSA: No, I would rather you not touch my junk, thank you. UPDATE: TSA Chief says we won’t profile

Come on. At least she’s honest. Speaking on Face the State the Secretary of Defense is asked to defend the obviously intrusive pat downs taking place at airports … defend it she did, but not without a little personal note at the end. Read more

Iowahawk: Comply with me … sing along

He is one of the finest creative writers on the net today. He’s the man who brought us the Obama teleprompter revolt and the now famous rework of Obama’s “car in the ditch” story. Now we have a little “Frank Sinatra” … Comply with me. Read more

San Diego Traveler says touch my junk … I’ll have you arrested. UPDATE: Video added

Well, it was only a matter of time. But people are pushing back because … for the most part they don’t think this makes them safer. Read more