Dems to Media: Leave Dodd Be … Move Along

Dennis House interviewed the Connecticut Chair of the Democratic Committee on Face The State. The short hand version is in the post title. Nothing to see here … move long.


This might be what she hopes, but not likely. Flashing mortgage papers in front of reporters who likely know as much about finance as the average Joe, is not transparency … it’s a side show. And offering a hired gun as an independant auditor is not absolving, it’s misleading and deceptive.

Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd has finally, sort of, kind of, ended 193 days of stonewalling about his sweetheart loans from former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo. At least he did if you were a fast reader and were one of the few reporters he invited to his Hartford office yesterday to review — but not copy or take — more than 100 pages of documents related to his 2003 mortgage financings through Countrywide’s “Friends of Angelo” program.

Add to that additional questions raised by Courant columnist Kevin Rennie about Chris Dodd’s real estate deals in Ireland and DC … it ‘s not over , rather it’s just beginning.

Of course all of this could be resolved by releasing the mortgage papers, and expense agreements with real estate partners. And there’s probably little chance of that as well.