Buchanan on Tea Party enthusiasm: It’s the making of a great movement

I hate it when I have to post two bites from one show, but heh, it is what it is. Matthews and Pat Buchanan talk about the Tea Party fire in the belly and the … Buchanan’s words … making of a great party. Well, as Glenn Reynolds might say, only if they listen. Read more

Democrats running from Obamacare

With November’s election rapidly approaching, Families USA recently presented a “messaging” conference for Democrats.  The message they delivered sounds much like what the American public and this blog said about Obamacare from the beginning…it’s a lousy bill.

But first a bit of background on Families USA.  It has been a major proponent of anything that sounds like Obamacare for two decades.  It was one of Obamacare’s biggest cheerleaders last year and into this year. Before summoning Democrats to it’s conference, it had Herndon Alliance (a lobbist for national health care) do some polling.  Apparently, what they found was not pretty. 

So, here’s the new marching orders for Democrats in this year’s elections.  They have been instructed to say:

The law is not perfect, but it does good things and helps many people. Now we’ll work to improve it.

I’m guessing that sentence will be coming soon to a campaign near you. 

Along with being told what to say, Democrats were also told, based on polling data, what not to say.

 “Keep claims small and credible; don’t overpromise or ‘spin’ what the law delivers,” it advised. Its “to don’t” items include offering “a long list of benefits” or claims that “the law will reduce costs and the deficit,” even as “Voters are concerned about rising health care costs and believe that costs will continue to rise.”

Let me suggest a few more “to don’ts”. 

Don’t tell people that the $500 billion cuts to Medicare will extend the life of Medicare by ___ years (feel free to fill in that blank with the most recent proclamation from the White House), while at the same time claiming to use that “savings” to cover the cost of insurance for the uninsured.  People seem to be on to that shell game.

Don’t tell people that they can keep their own insurance if they like it.  They now know they can’t. (See this post.)

Don’t tell people that they can keep their own doctor if they like it.  They now know they can’t.  (See this post.)

And, as for you, should you be “lucky” enough to be at a town hall meeting where you are told:

The law is not perfect, but it does good things and helps many people. Now we’ll work to improve it,

ask the following questions. 

If you knew it wasn’t perfect, why did you vote for it?  Why didn’t you wait until you had dealt with the imperfections?  Or didn’t you know about the imperfections, because you hadn’t read the bill?

I will be most interested in learning the answers you receive.

Run! Run as fast as you can … from Obama and Pelosi

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Gibbs: On second thought, yeah, we could lose the House

Sometimes reality comes along and smacks you right in the old keester. In this case the Real Clear Polls, Charlie Cook and others have been warning about this for months. When you triple the deficit in a year and a half, spend almost a trillion dollars on “stimulus” and you are still bleeding jobs and unemployment stands at 9.5% … you’ve got a problem. Read more

Unbelievable talking points from Democrats on Etheridge attack

This is totally rich. The Democrats are saying this is all a nefarious Republican plot to sting Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-N.C.). It’s not legitimate … gotcha politics … inciting a reaction … partisan hit-job … attack anything Breitbart does.

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Democrats urged to avoid meeting with constituents this summer

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Dumbocrats Endorse Blumenlier

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The Grandma’s have spoken … Is it too late for a Democrat comeback … you betcha!

The latest Wall Street Journal Poll can’t be good news for the Dems, and if the trends hold true for 5 more months (and given the way the Dems are behaving, why not?), Connecticut may be one of the few states to put Democrats back in power. I’ll take that. It will be fun to see John Larson’s group become the party of “No”.

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Democrats and their human shields … the new agenda

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