Democrats and the new “civil” discourse

Just a little wrap up for you lefties out there, once again proving my original thesis that when the left calls for civility, they really mean you folks on the right should shut up and take out “hate” language. Bonus video: CK on the new civility. Read more

Democrats come to Jesus moment … now deficit hawks

Somehow I never saw this coming, but maybe I should have. But as you will see below the fold, I think on a state level some Democrats, faced with the reality of billions in deficits, really do get it. On the federal level, not so much. Read more

Matthews goes nuts on Senator Sherrod Brown, “You blew it”

An awesomely awesome lecture from Matthews to lefty, and may I say, endangered Democrat Senator Sherrod Brown, on why Democrats like he should not be hammering Obama for making a deal. It’s fun watching the left melt down, especially when their own wholly owned subsidiary MSNBC lights the match. Read more

Hey Rep. Clyburn, we’ll make you assistant, to the assistant manager

To ensure the new leadership of the minority party in Washington does not look racist, they have created a new, unnamed position with unknown responsibilities for South Carolina Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.).

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Outgoing Rep. Grayson: We were not progressive enough

The whack-job used the word ‘appeasement” concerning Democrat’s willing to buckle to the pressure of the almighty Republicans in Congress. That’s just friggin’ hilarious since the Executive Branch and Congress was willing to bypass normal rules to mandate what they could during the past two years.

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Bringing civility to Chicago politics – the progressive liberal way

Let me make the point clear. By not walking out of this political rally – during his own introduction while he was on stage – Gov. Pat Quinn (D-Ill.) makes it clear he agrees with, or at least has no issue with, the statements made by state Sen. Rickey Hendon. This readers, is what Democrats think is civil.

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“Shoveling Lies” and why you need to throw them out.

I’ve lost track of all of the lies, serious lies. Lies that the left has used to get themselves elected, to gain power, and to bankrupt this country. Lies that will enslave your children to the government “man” and lies that they think will keep them in power. Entry question: will it work? Read more

Your Krauthammer Moment: No tax cuts, no budget, they’re incompetent

It’s the Democrats he’s talking about, mostly because they are in charge, with huge majorities. But wait there’s more. Vast numbers of that huge majority sided with the Republicans … retain the Bush Tax rates across the board for the people and the people that employ the people. Bipartisan! Maybe that’s why CK calls the Democrats incompetent. Or maybe, its just because they are. Read more

Luntz: We’re gunna have one hell of an election I promise you that ….

and when it’s over at least half of America is gunna be pretty angry. So said pollster Frank Luntz last night on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox. Luntz’s live focus groups are always pretty fun, but this one sets a new standard that will be hard to top … or will it? This is well worth the watch. It’s only two minutes, but its 120 seconds of fun, fun, fun as people in Florida got at it on Obama, Pelosi, the Republicans and whether orange juice really does deliver vitamin C. OK, not the last part, but everything else is on the table. Read more

Bell, Calif. City Council – Federal corruption versus local corruption

For years, my teachable moments have focused on retuning power to the states and the people. We have incrementally transferred power – like education funding – to the feds. As I point out in my symptoms of the disease series, corruption frequently is on display in Congress. Some say moving power to states and local communities will simply move the corruption. Maybe so, but we’d get some kick-ass local perp-walks.

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