Summer of Recovery

Just two short years ago, seems longer to me, the Obama administration hailed
that it was to be “The Summer of Recovery”.   The stimulus bill was passed by congress, both the house and senate, of course it was alL under the control of the Democrats.

WILD and EXOTIC claims were made that this new law would spur the creation of
250,000 – 500,000 new jobs per month.   Vice President Joe Biden boldly  predicted this type of
job growth himself. Well it has been two years since the passage of the stimulus bill, and Americans are still waiting. Read more

Interesting: NBC News Political Unit has ALL House races shifting to right

With the last update from the NBC Political Unit prior to election day, every change analysts have made concerning House of Representatives elections have shifted in favor of the Republican. This in no way means Republicans are favored in the race, but is a clear indication of momentum for Republicans.

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Larson guarantees Democrats hold House … caller suggests only if dead people vote

I expect that bravado from Congressman John Larson. He is after all fourth in line to the President, sort of. And he is after all a big force in national Democrat politics. But could it be they are counting on dead people as one caller suggested? Read more