NBC shills for Obama: Gingrich must be racist after mentioning food stamps

This is how the mainstream press treats Republicans now. They simply default to the racist charge. NBC news anchor David Gregory interviews Newt Gingrich, GOP candidate for president, and calls him a racist since he mentioned 47 million people are now on food stamps.

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NBC’s David Gregory worries protesters are one step away from Oklahoma City bombing, Obama calls for civil discourse

Civility … Nuance. Just much too much in one short sound bite. NBC’s David Gregory wonders if protesters are budding Tim McVays … Obama calls for civil discourse (I’m sorry?) and then says protesters just want TV time ( I know, I know) …

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We start with …

We have examples of anti government violence in the mid 90’s .. do you worry about that?. There’s more recent examples of antigovernment violence— occurring even in the mid 90s.  Do you worry about that?

Yup … those grandmas and grandpas and housewives I saw … no question … I can see the link between them and Tim McVay. Scary.

My favorite part though comes at the end. The one says middle American is just trying to get on TV … while he is calling for civility. Gregory’s response is priceless.


And while we are on the subject of civility Mr President … how’s this for civility?


Or how about this one?


Or maybe try this one on for size. My favorite.


Oh never mind.

[Added by Steve – Just clarified the quote in paragraph two. I don’t think the actual transcript was available when Jim posted.]