Dick Durbin slams the rich, Dave Ramsey fires back

It’s getting rough out there my little hostage takers. The name calling continues and the latest installment comes from Dick Durbin who invokes Dickens’ A Christmas Carol to take a shot at those evil rich people. Well last night on Cavuto, Dave Ramsey had just about enough … and the rest, as they say, is history. Enjoy. Read more

Dave Ramsey – Fire Congress

Agreed! While Americans are forced to slash personal budgets in tough times … and facing higher taxes (especially here in Connecticut), Congress just can’t stop spending your money.

Under a House-Senate conference measure, approved by the House last week and poised for passage in the Senate on Wednesday, spending for the legislative branch will increase 5.8 percent this year, boosting Capitol Hill’s annual budget to $4.7 billion.

The measure includes a hodgepodge of new funding for lawmakers: a $500,000 pilot program for senators to send out postcards about their town hall meetings, $30,000 for receptions for foreign dignitaries and $4 million for consultants — with Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) getting up to nine each and Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) getting up to three more.

That’s enough to make poor Dave Ramsey give us another … Ramseyism. Enjoy.


Scared? Maybe you have good reason. Take New Poll!

Running through last night’s video and I came across a continuing theme throughout … Democrats and RINOs trying to frighten America to death … a financial death of $1 Trillion dollars (pay no attention to the deal … it will be a trillion I can assure you).

Below you will find two videos … first the scare mongers


Now the voice of reason from two well respected economic pundits, Ben Stein and Dave Ramsey.


Even if you believe it will get worse (and that seems to be likely) the question you need to ask is … will this stimulus help the private sector where the jobs are lost … your job is lost … or just save public works jobs?

And what good is a public sector job without a healthy private sector … hmmmm? Just askin, that’s all.

Dave Ramsey Today Plus “Dump Dodd 2010”

Great show today. Fox Business Channel’s Dave Ramsey, out of Nashville, will be joining us this morning to talk personal finance … and the folks who are campaigning to Dump Dodd in 2010 will sound off later in the show.

Just to wet your appetite … here’s my classic Dave Ramsey moment.