Saving Social Security with personal retirement accounts

Our featured video for the next day or so. Courtesy Dan Mitchell from the Cato Institute.

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Mitchell video: Saving Social Security with Personal Retirement Accounts

Our friend Dan Mitchell from the Cato Institute released a new video Jan. 10 on the third rail of politics, Social Security. People have been discussing the issue for years detailing how we absolutely will not be able to keep the current system running as is. If you think the $14 trillion-plus national debt is an issue, wait till you hear the total of unfunded liabilities for Social Security.

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For Democrats, tax cuts are ‘expensive’ – Hogwash, government is expensive

Austan Goolsbee is a con artist who is a professional at playing the class warfare card. Goolsbee, President Obama’s chair of the Council on Economic Advisors, created a White House video trying to get those of us who make less than $200,000 a year ticked off at the rich folk. Dan Mitchell picks Goolsbee apart point-by-point in a recent video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation.

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Dan Mitchell sends warning to GOP – Cut spending or get run out of town

This is very Dan Mitchell and very CATO but still a good reminder to all. Read more

Tax increases not required to balance federal budget – it’s fiscal restraint and spending

Dan Mitchell from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation has a new video out detailing why it is absolutely not necessary to raise taxes to balance the budget. He shows with just a small amount of fiscal restraint, the federal budget can be balanced within six years.

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Economics Primer: The Laffer Curve

For those of you interested in a lesson about the Laffer Curve, here you go. I think it’s necessary to bring the topic of tax rates – and those of tax increases and tax decreases – a bit more into focus since the topic comes up so frequently.

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Government will spend whatever the tax system will raise (more like double…)

I’ve been reading a bit about Milton Friedman, a Hoover Institution economist – not a politician – who past away in 2006. Conservatives can learn quite a bit from this great man. We need another conservative economic mentor for present-day, and maybe Dan Mitchell is that person?

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Another look at the Flat Tax and why it’s a good idea

There always seems to be a buzz about the Fair Tax and the Flat Tax. Dan Mitchel from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation has a video specifically on the Flat Tax, allowing you to learn more about the subject.

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Deficits are bad, but the real problem is spending

Another great featured video from the Cato Institute. Dan Mitchell uses an analogy I’ve used myself when discussing the United States deficit and debt, comparing it to a family getting a mortgage for a home. Mitchell is even using my “symptom of the disease” theme. I’m honored Dan …   😉

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