Malloy campaign really thinks new gun laws reduced crime?

Total hogwash. I was just reading about Joe Visconti (I) dropping out of the Connecticut governor’s race. He’s asking supporters to vote for Tom Foley (R) to avoid another four years of Gov. D.P. Malloy’s (D) running the state. At the end of the article, the Malloy campaign actually brought guns up.

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Connecticut tax revenue up … Until tax increases implemented 16 months ago

If you think a “balanced approach” is the right way to go, let’s take a brief look at headlines concerning Connecticut tax revenue in early 2011 as compared stories this week.

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License PlateGate: Healy calls for investigation plus … a recap

Republican State Chair calls for an investigation into the release of confidential motor vehicle registration information by the staff of Governor Dan Malloy. The GOP chief has asked the Chief State’s Attorney to determine who knew what, what did they know, and when did they know it. Not familiar with license plategate? No worries. A recap follows. Read more