Florida says, sorry, Charlie, no lapel pin for you

In a runaway, Marco Rubio (R.) easily won the Florida Senate race.  He handily defeated Kendrick Meek (D.) and Governor Charlie Crist (R., er, I., er, D.).  For those of you unfamiliar with Charlie, read on. Read more

Charlie Crist: Back Waxes and Desperation

The race for the Republican Senate nomination in Florida gets better every day. Rubio, the tea party’s choice, has come from way back to a big lead and Florida Governor Crist sounds more desperate every day. Read more

Florida is getting a what?

President Obama was in Tampa, Florida Thursday announcing that he is so concerned about the mounting federal deficit that he will spend $1.25 billion of your hard earned money to help build a high speed train that will run between Orlando International Airport and downtown Tampa.  As a Floridian, thank you America.

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