Occupy protester steals furniture from neighbor to furnish protest camp

I’m very pleased this man has been charged with a felony, and has admitted to his crime. These stupid decisions – normally made by kids but in this case the perp is 32 years old – stay with you for life. Soon, he’ll be complaining he can’t get a fair shake in life because of his criminal record.

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Empowered: Women fight back against pharmacy robber demanding drugs

Feel good story of the day. A nut came back to rob a pharmacy looking for drugs for a third time. The store manager/pharmacist and employees were better prepared this time.

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Fighting back: Pennsylvania man shoots teens in self defense, one dead

And the other teens involved in this attack should be charged with murder since their intentional criminal act resulted in the death of one of their buddies.

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Biden’s correlation between rape, murder, and Obama’s jobs bill

At the risk of “screwing” with the vice president, I’m going to call him out. He’s playing dirty politics using scare tactics and a curious use of statistics to again bolster the president’s job [killing] bill, while supporting the statist agenda. Consider this post part of my Symptom of the Disease series. Can you guess why?

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Social media: Basis for new criminal activity, or outlet for old?

Recently, there has been an upsurge of social media fueled uprisings across the globe.  Depending on your perspective, they are either good (presumably the “Arab Spring”) or bad (the flash mob riots sweeping this and other countries).

Given the recent senseless,”flash mob” violence mentioned by Jim on the show, you have to ask: how far removed are we from A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess (movie by Stanley Kubrick)?  Are these just disaffected youths or something more sinister?

Consider this: remember the “demonstrations” (read it: riots) against the various G8/20 and World Trade meetings, such as in Toronto last year?  Or a couple of years ago in London?  If you listen, you will find that these protest/riots were organized by leftist groups, and anarchist groups organized by various socialist groups such as the Workers World Party and the Socialist Party.

Given the anarchist tendencies of these groups, is it not entirely implausible that they will use social media to motivate and enrage the “useful idiots” that the liberal government of Britain have generated?  How do you know who is sending out the call to violence in the streets of London.  Who is organizing (community organizing?) the flash mob riots in this country?  Does anyone know?  Can anyone find out?

Recent articles in several British publications, as well as PM Cameron, blame the various types of social media (Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger or BBW), for allowing the hoodlums to coordinate their activities, report the locations of the police and arrange distractions, something the owners of the social media outlets are fighting tooth and nail (remember that the founder of Facebook is a big Øbama supporter  and social media was a big factor in Øbama’s fundraising and election).  A rather large question that looms is this: will the same lefties that will defend the First Amendment free speech aspect of social media in the face of a shutdown be as quick to defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners?  They are both tools that can be used for good or abused for evil, but the former is loved by the left and the latter is despised, so we know how the media and the Democrats will view this.

As an interesting and related aside: Remember the Los Angeles riots where South Korean businessmen successfully defended their livelihood with pistols and shotguns, while pictures of business owners in a disarmed England show them standing in front of looted and burned establishments?  Britons can’t do this as they have been completely neutered, ownership of guns for personal defense being forbidden in Great Britain.  Note the rapid rise of community vigilante groups to resist the riots the police can’t or won’t put down.  Also note the rise in sales of baseball bats.  Think American baseball has gained sudden popularity in Great Britain?  If so, I have some Arizona oceanfront property for sale at a great price!

It is one thing to express your opinion online, but another thing entirely to use the media for criminal intent.  Will liberals be able to differentiate the two?

New York: Four dead, four wounded by knife-wielding attacker

Another tragedy for the victims of a violent act. Maksim Gelman allegedly used a knife to first kill his stepfather, then drove to an ex-girlfriends house where he killed her mother and the ex-girlfriend. He went on to kill two more and wound at least four others. I realize it’s a cliché now, but why isn’t Mayor Bloomberg calling for more restrictions on the sale of knives?

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Felon on parole kills cop – previously serving three consecutive life sentences

Woburn, Mass. police officer Jack Maguire, 60, a married father, was killed in the line of duty on Sunday night. His killer, who took advantage of the blizzard to rob the Kohls jewelery counter in Woburn, was paroled in Feb. 2009 after being handed three consecutive life sentences for multiple crimes.

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Huge spike in firearm sales results in … less crime

It’s certainly not what the Brady Campaign would proclaim, but the big increase in firearm sales between the summers of 2008 and 2009 does not seem to have increased the crime rate in the United States … especially since the violent crime rate dropped 4.4 percent during the first half of 2009.

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In Virginia, mother who kills baby can not be charged

Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air calls this one of the worst stories of the year. A Virginia woman gave birth seven days ago and smothered her child within hours. Since the umbilical cord and placenta were still connected mother and child, a loophole in the law prevents the mother from being charged with murder.
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Chicago Considers 500 Homicides per Year Acceptable

Can Chicago residents defend themselves? You’re welcome to run and hide, move out of the city, or just hope you don’t become a victim, but the city has basically banned handgun ownership and does not allow concealed carry permits. The state is a bit more lenient, but there is no state preemption of local laws.

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