Krauthammer on Hobby Lobby – Media lies will help Democrats

Yup. Charles Krauthammer is right. I’m not sure that I have ever seen such wide-spread media bias in my lifetime. The 16 news headlines and ledes I documented on Monday were just the tip of the iceberg, and the faithful are swallowing the meme whole … the mean guys on the Supreme Court are taking away your birth control.

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Hercules Industries, Inc. v. Obamacare

A better title for this post might be David v. Golliath, as once again, David wins the battle.  Only this time the battle involves Obamacare’s directive that all employers must provide insurance coverage for abortions and contraceptives. Read more

Church v. State

Today, 43 separate Catholic institutions filed suit against the federal government challenging it’s mandate that all such institutions must provide health insurance that covers abortion inducing drugs, sterilization and contraceptives.  This mandate violates the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Read more

The administration’s solution to the contraception and abortion conundrum

Last week, the Obama administration offered solutions to two self-inflicted wounds. Read more

States sue over contraceptive mandate

Yesterday, seven states and an assortment of others filed suit in Federal District Court in Nebraska challenging the administration’s new regulation concerning “free” birth control. Read more

Contraceptive mandate and the First Amendment

On Wednesday, the Federal District Court for the Western District of Washington issued an opinion in Stormans, Inc. v. Selecky concerning the above.   As it is unlikely that you will hear about this case from the main stream media, I thought this post appropriate. Read more

And, what do I do given Obama’s contraceptive mandate?

My name is John Williams.  I can trace my roots back to my great, great grandfather who came to this country because it offered religious freedom.  I am a devout Catholic.  Read more

President gives insurers power to print money UPDATE

Today, in a stunning “reversal” of policy, President Obama announced that faith based organizations who are opposed to contraceptives or the “morning after pill” will no longer be required to provide coverage for these items in their group insurance plans. Read more