McMahon closing fast … aide says it all depends on turnout now

There you go. It depends on the little “mobsters”. Can’t say I am surprised. The latest Rasmussen poll demonstrates a dramatic turnaround for Republican Senate Candidate Linda McMahon especially with independents. Details below the fold. Read more

The smack down continues: WWE to give out free merch on election day

I’m sorry. This is starting to become side splitting fun. In what, may be the most awesome event in our election lifetime, Vince McMahon has struck again. Game on. Your move Richard. Read more

Change! Blumenthal widens lead over McMahon

How? Why? Because he knows the economy so well? Because his cure for unemployment is sue the companies that provide the jobs? No, wait. It’s wrestling. Yeah, that’s it. Wrestling? This, my friends, is scary. Read more

Vicevich Rant: You want steroids? I’ll give you steroids.

Something new. The rant goes to video and the Radioviceonline blog. Now you’ll never miss it. Today’s rant … well the title says it all. Transcript below. Read more