Small business not likely to take advantage of “jobs” bill

Yesterday, I wrote about the $80 billion “jobs” ghost of a bill that did not seem to bring any jobs to the table. President Obama – after serious soul-searching – elected to focus his efforts on jobs, jobs and more jobs. The problem … current legislation for the new package provides few opportunities for job seekers.

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Congress to introduce $80 billion “jobs” bill featuring … no jobs?

Although we do not have the text of the forthcoming jobs bill from Congress, Reuters says they have obtained a copy of the bill.

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After taxpayers revolt, most bribes will remain in health care legislation

Even though plans to ensure Nebraska residents would get $300 billion in federal health care kickbacks will not survive the next version of the Democrat’s health care legislation, plenty “carve-outs” providing billions to other states – not specifically named – will survive. The union deals may survive as well.

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White House unveils $3.8 trillion budget monster (Update)

While distributing the largest federal budget in the history of the world, administration staffers reminded everyone the country would be running huge deficits for the foreseeable future, and there is nothing anybody can do about it.

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Democrats propose increasing debt ceiling a whopping 15%

Not so unbelievable news from Washington D.C. tonight, where Democrats in Congress are requesting – from themselves – they be allowed to increase the federal debt ceiling more than 15 percent, from 12.4 trillion to 14.3 trillion. What’s a couple more trillion ya know?

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Poll – Americans looking for a NCAA Football playoff

Earlier this month, I wrote about Congress getting involved and demanding the NCAA put some sort of playoff system in place for Division 1 football. A Quinnipiac poll released today indicates you want one too, but are not so sure about Congressional involvement. Read more

Stupak offered legislative bribes to accept health care abortion language

Senior administration leaders in both the White House and Democrat party are encouraging Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) to keep his opinions on current abortion language in the Senate’s health care bill to himself until they can explain the legislation’s language to him. He says “no thanks” and by the way, stop trying to bribe me

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Congressional deficit reduction task force – plan due after midterm election

Continuing in the spirit of federal government transparency, Congress authorized creation of a deficit reduction task force this week that will meet privately through the end of 2010. Suggestions and trial balloons will begin to leak in January 2011 to ensure task force ideas would not become fodder of political campaigns.

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Obama suggests elimination of capital gains – Congress doubles tax to 35%

President Obama on Tuesday suggested a bold move – a complete elimination of the capital gains tax on small business investment for one year. Congress promptly suggested more than doubling the tax from 15 percent to 35 percent effectively classifying these gains as ordinary income.

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Congress demands NCAA football playoff system

Like they don’t have enough on their plate. Rep Joe Bartson (R-Texas) along with members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee feel the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) is unfair and won’t change unless the all-knowing United States Congress pushes them to fix something they know nothing about.

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