Competing with a sound tax policy does a state good

I’ve actually been writing about this for years and the topic is well-suited for my Symptoms of the Disease series. A state’s tax policy really does effect business and personal decisions, we all know this. Beyond the break, the Center for Freedom and Prosperity has a new Economics 101 video for you to watch on the subject.

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Improve Self Esteem – Cancel Competition for Kids

Again from the “this-make-absolutely-no-sense” file. The mayor of Beechwood, Ohio has elected to cancel the Little League All-Star game to avoid hurting the self esteem of the kids who are not selected for the team.

He’s not kidding. First, we stopped keeping score because we did not want the losers to feel bad. Now, we can’t single out the best performers and recognize them for being at the top of their sport. Read more