Governor Christie to Governor Malloy: Read the Governor’s owners manual and get back to me. UPDATE: Full video links

This is classic Christie and a shot across the bow of a Governor who called him “bombastic”. Juicy stuff for you conservatives from this morning’s Joe. Game on! Read more

Cavuto to Chris Matthews: I’m pissed

Fat seems to be a theme in Washington these days and frankly, it’s starting to really tick off one Neil Cavuto. Now you know how much I love Neil. He rarely takes offense at anything said about himself, but often at simply ridiculous comments made by others. Well we have one of those moments my little hostage takers … and this time the target is …. drum roll please … Chris Matthews. Yea! Read more

Christie to Tapper: We’re just getting started

You either love this guy (if you believe in fiscal conservatism) or you hate him, right lefties? But I have rarely seen the New Jersey Governor not get a reaction. So this clip is for both of you. Plenty to love and plenty to hate. Read more