Newtown families deceived before lobbying trip to Washington?

This morning I received a couple of notes referencing a Big Government post by Brian Cates. In turn, Cates references a Maureen Dowd interview with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.).

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Murphy on First Amendment: Should not apply to corporations (groups of people)

Really, isn’t a company, corporation, church, advocacy group or union just a group of people? Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) don’t think so, and they do not think the ACLU, Sierra Club, NRA or the media – all corporations – deserve First Amendment protection. The senators want to exclude corporations like the TEA Party Patriots from First Amendment rights.

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Dumbocrats already looking for a new Connecticut Senate candidate?

The Connecticut Dumbocrats reportedly are not taking any chances and are already lining up a replacement for CT AG Richard Blumenthal. And why not? It’s what they do best. Let’s see. Their first choice couldn’t remember the truth … and their second choice stretched the truth. Now, reportedly,  their third choice is the very man who told all of us we could keep our insurance and our doctor if we passed the Health Care Bill … ummm … also untrue.

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Call to Action: Call Chris Murphy before 5 p.m. ET today

I just got an e-mail from David Plouffe who manages the political Web site for President Obama. He’s looking for 279 people to call Rep. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) in support of the Democrat’s plan. OK – I say call him and e-mail him right now and ask him to vote no.

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Representative Chris Murphy – And he is voting YES

Last Friday I called Congressman Christopher Murphy’s office to share my thoughts on this health care bill that will be coming up for a vote in the House of Representatives. To my surprise and to his credit, he did send me a letter thanking me for my call, albeit I am sure a form letter. But I thought I would share its content with RVO readers.

The Congressman wrote that he has heard from families and business owners, doctors, nurses, students (I get it Mr. Murphy – you can stop now), and that everyone agrees that health care reform needs to happen. Well, so far so good.

He goes on to say that over 47 million people go to sleep without health insurance due to no fault of their own.  (47 million people?  Hmmm, the President uses 30 million, so this must include illegal aliens). And he reminds the rest of us, insurance premiums rise almost 10% a year, and that people need to fight epic battles to get their insurer to pay per their policy.

Now let me stop here…Ive had some major hospital bills this year and I did not have to fight an epic battle to get them paid, am I just lucky?

He did say this however, that due to the fact that many health insurance markets are uncompetitive, with one or two companies controlling most of the market, that this creates an environment where health insurance premiums continually to rise.  Well well, maybe Chris Murphy is listening to Jim Vicevich in the morning.

Now he says that there is so much misinformation around that it is important to point what this health care plan will do for the American people.

” It would not create a government run health care system.  Our system of private insurance and private medical care would be expanded, not contracted by this bill and every American with private health insurance today would be able to keep it.”

“It would not expand the federal deficit.  In fact the non partisan congressional budge office states that by lowering health care costs in a number of ways the bill would decrease federal deficit by over 100 billion dollars”

“It would not reduce medicare benefits. To the contrary, medicare benefits would be increased under the bill, by closing the medicare drug benefit “donut hole”  and eliminating co-pays for checkups and wellness care.”

The Sound Off Sister has dealt with each one of these and all are false. The deficit would indeed grow, it would radically change medicare  including cutting Medicare Advantage, and no you would like have to move into the government exchange and that my friends is government run health care. Period.

Now he understands that he and I may not agree on any issue, especially this one, but he would like me, can you imagine that, me, to stay in touch with him so that he can do his job better.

Well I don’t know if I should feel honored or if I was just picked for a new position.  Great I could use a job!

Can you keep your health insurance?

Good question. But as the Sound Off Sister clearly outlined in numerous posts, here, here and here, you will not be able to keep your insurance under the Waxman-Markey health care bill.

I put that question to Connecticut’s 5th District Congressman Chris Murphy and he responded with the standard yes you can. But when I outlined the sections of his bill (his web site says he helped broker the compromise) that would make it impossible to keep your current plan… he responded by saying you can keep it, but it will be better.

Well, that’s not keeping your insurance in my book. But you decide. But even more telling was his final remark. Listen all the way to the end where he says our health care is “worth the risk”


We report, you decide. OK commenters … can you keep your health insurance?

Mobsters masquerading as suburban housewives storm health care meeting

Here are some pictures from yesterday’s “Meet Congressman Chris Murphy” event at the Stop and Shop in Simsbury, Connecticut. A couple notes as you scroll through:

The “Stop the government health care bill” folks outnumbered the “AFSCME” union people by about 250 to 10.

The only potty mouth came right at the top, again from a fellow union brother (confirmed this morning by another AFSCME employee on my show who called it disgraceful).

The only pre-printed “astroturf” signs were made by the union.

One union employee at first thought I was a newspaper reporter (must be the new scruff, or maybe I can’t get my old reporter days out of my blood) and wanted to make sure I knew that every citizen there had been bused in by the insurance companies. It just made me laugh since I knew just about everone there.

Finally, there were some Tea Party regulars, but the majority of the people there were first timers.  The crowd included gray hairs (Hey, I guess that means me too) suburban housewives (not too timid either), teenagers, college students and blue collar workers. BUT NOT ONE BROOKS BROTHER’S SUIT.

At no point was the crowd unruly. Angry yes, but not unruly. And all waited patiently to get their question answered, which, for the most part, they were not forthcoming from the young Congressman. And yet for some reason Murphy’s people felt compelled to call the police.

These are the people Nancy Pelosi labled Nazi’s and Barbara Boxer called Brooks Brothers suited insurance agents, that the Democrat Party called “The Mob”. You can watch the videos for yourself at those links.

All good Democrats should be embarrassed and ashamed of the behavior of their party. We need an immediate apology from our Congresspeople in Connecticut.


I like the “I want the same health care as our senators”. Our Senator of course is heading to Sloan Kettering. Good for him. My guess is under his plan he and his colleagues will be the only ones afforded that privilege.