Ukraine vs Russia, Obama vs Romney & Palin video clips

No real time to write about Russia’s encroachment (invasion) into the Ukrainian state of Crimea, but I figured I’d post these video clips for review since I find them somewhat interesting. Let’s look back to yesterday’s Krauthammer comments and the 2012 election.

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Newt goes after Chris Mathews – What kind of racist thinking do you have?

I really don’t think Newt Gingrich should have been smiling during this exchange. He should have called it just like it was and be serious and diligent with Chris Matthews about his obvious issues. Get mad at Matthews for his idiotic opinion … call him out … conservatives should not take this crap.

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Matthews complains, questions Obama’s political strategy (Video)

In this interview, MSNBC talent Chris Matthews critiques the Obama campaign’s strategy as they continue to – supposedly – stay out of the election and keep their collective mouth’s shut providing no plan for their second term.

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Pat Buchanan: Obama the beneficiary of affirmative action?

Oh, brother. When will it end? Okay I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request, it’s just that Chris Matthews loves setting this trap because it keeps him and other lefties from having to talk about what a miserable job President Obama is doing. Buchanan wants to know why Obama won’t release his grades? And the whole thing just deteriorates from there. Read more

Your Matthews moment: Praises an “old SDS guy”. Gives unions free plug.

Hey, it’s his show. But why would you praise the SDS? What decade are you living in? And what does this say about the left? Read on my little mobsters. Read more

Video shocker: Matthews says he doesn’t think Democrats want to stop illegal immigration

OK, not so much a shocker because … well, it’s true. But Matthews, reverting to his early talk show host form, takes a shot at the Democrats progressive agenda for 2011, and illegal immigration is the eye of the impending storm. Says Matthews, “I don’t trust the Democrats when it comes to stopping illegal immigration”. There’s a lot to digest here my little “hostage takers” but suffice it to say .. he plays Hardball with progressives. Read more

The “Birthers” get a big push from … Chris Matthews? UPDATE: More Matthews UPDATE 2: I believe

OK … that’s just a cheap headline to get views … I think. Matthews spent his entire first segment with Clarence Page and David Corn discussing the recent push by Hawaii’s new Democrat Governor to finally get the young President’s long form birth certificate into the public domain. The idea is to end the controversy … and Matthews likes it? Yikes! Read more

College kids to Chris Matthews: Hey, how about the government helping pay my college loans? UPDATE

Want to know what will get the kids out to the polls? Promise them the government will pay off their college loans. Free, free money. The Nanny State continued. Read more

Matthews advises POTUS to TOTUS: you’re fired brother

Horrifying! TOTUS has been there for this guy at some of his worse moments, and yet he has hung in there. Trip on a syllable, no problem. TOTUS kept rolling. Stumble on an market economy point you never quite understood, TOTUS did. Now Matthews wants him gone. Oh the humanity. Read more

Amending the 14th Amendment: Culture of hate?

Well if you listen to the left, it’s because you would be a racist. This post gives the precise reason for amending the 14th amendment to the US Constitution and the left’s crazy, lunatic response. Once again raaaaaaaaacist. Read more