Symptom of the Disease: Federal funds used for N.J. Hurricane Sandy relief

This is the kind of stuff that always comes up when the federal government steps in to provide funding to a local area with a bail out. New Jersey and Gov. Chris Christie is being investigated concerning how they spent federal dollars for a marketing campaign to promote the state and its shoreline.

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Why is Christie bringing up the Gingrich 1997 ethics charges?

It’s simple, Mitt Romney is his man. Gov. Chris Christie made the comment yesterday that Newt was damaged goods and specifically mentioned the 1997 ethics charges when he was speaker of the US House of Representatives. I’ve got a big problem with this, but I guess everyone is worried about perception, since nobody seems interested in facts.

Christie starts his critique of Gingrich by mentioning he does not think we need another legislator in office. He has a good point and I’ve also mentioned my preference for someone with business experience as well as experience as a state governor and/or military experience. He then mentions Gingrich was never able to do anything right while House speaker. That’s not true at all. Talking back the House in 1996 was a big deal, as was sitting down with then President Bill Clinton to get welfare reform done was certainly a big deal. Balanced budgets was a big deal.

Then Christie goes off the rails. He says Gingrich has “embarrassed the party” and Gov. Mitt Romney never has. What the heck is the big man smoking? I’ll discuss Gingrich’s ethics issues after the clip, but come on … Romney has made a total fool of himself when it comes to two conservative principals while governor of Massachusetts, gun control and the health care mandate. There is nothing conservative about his actions in Massachusetts concerning gun control or health care … nothing.

Back to Gingrich.

The 80 some-odd ethics violations were mostly rumors and innuendoes. I’m not saying there was nothing to look at, but in hindsight we’ve learned that Gingrich was partially railroaded. When the House convicts you on one ethics charge and in 1999 the IRS cleared the organization associated with Gingrich and the charge noting that no tax laws were broken.

Mark Levin noted tonight that Christie deserved to be in front of an ethics panel himself … remember that helicopter ride to his kids baseball game? Well, that was a HUGE embarrassment for conservatives, yet Christie gets to go on TV and chastise Gingrich?

Look, I’m not saying Gingrich is pure … far from it … but for Christie to bring up this bull, at this time is just wrong. Don’t try to pull a snow job on me governor, I’ve got a snow blower in the garage. Gingrich had a point last week in South Carolina when he mentioned this rhetoric really keeps good people away from public service. Why would any normal person want to put up with this?

Oh, and “this’ is not new at all … it’s been happening in politics for decades, maybe even hundreds of years. The Internet has just made more information available. Such is politics today.

Gov. Christie to endorse former Gov. Mitt Romney for president

Fox News political journalist Carl Cameron reports Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.) will endorse Mitt Romney for president.

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Chris Christie to Dan Malloy: I got the job done. How ’bout you? Video

Fresh off his “huggable” performance on Meet The Press, Christie was in rare form this morning on the Morning Joe. Maybe rare is the wrong term? How about typically blunt form. Joe Scarborough brings up that he had just spent some time with Mika talking to CT Governor Dan Malloy and Christie was off and running … and it all began with a laugh, as in who’s laughing now. Read more

Ann Coulter: If Christy doesn’t run he’s a jerk. Matthews: Republican field of dog pound

it’s a “twofer” my little mobsters. Ann has never been one to mince words, which is why we love her so much. The simple fact is she could very well be right.  Chris Matthews on the other hand is squealing with delight. Video below the fold. Read more

Chris Christie says he knows he’ll win … take the national straw poll

This is a dual post really. A snippet from the National Review piece where NJ Governor Chris Christie says he knows he can win the nomination … and the presidency. And a link to a great new on-line straw poll that has gone viral. Read more

Check out how Gov. Christie deals with a Social Security question

Not a third rail for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R). During a visit to Washington, D.C. yesterday, Michael Barone asked Christie if he thought Social Security was still the third rail of politics nobody wanted to touch.

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New Jersey lawmakers still want to steal unused gift cards

Last summer, New Jersey ammended the state’s Uniform Unclaimed Property Act, allowing the state to seize (steal) unused money on gift cards. The law was signed by Gov. Chris Christie (R-N.J.). In November, a judge temporarily struck down the law. How I missed this before, I just don’t know, as is a prime example of actions that would be considered criminal if done by a private party.

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Gov. Christie to school administrator … “Let me help you pack”

As school administrator contracts expire in New Jersey, employees will be subject to a salary cap. Of course, if you’re contract is about to expire and you’re making more than the proposed cap, that means a pay cut. To keep the high-paid administrators on staff at the current (or higher) salaries, school boards are suggesting contract extensions instead of new contracts.

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Chris Christie to Republicans … put up or shut up

Indeed. I’ll take one of these please. NJ Governor Chris Christie was one of the featured guests on Meet The Press yesterday and while it looked like David Gregory was ready to pounce on hypocrisy, generally the MSM lefties’ favorite topic, Chris Christie has the answers … including a message to Republicans. Read more