Protests continue at solar panel plant

Beginning last Thursday protesters began to demonstrate outside a solar panel manufacturing plant arguing that the plant is polluting the environment.  What is interesting is that the plant, owned by the Zhejiang Jinko Solar Company, is in the city of Haining in the Zhejiang province of China. Read more

Can’t we just be China for a day?

Remember that “marvelous” statement by New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, not that long ago?  Well, he just might get his wish. Read more

America: spending itself to death

If you’re keeping a running tally of the institutions and nations that are warning America to stop spending or else, I’m up to three, but maybe I missed a few. Last week it was Standard & Poor’s lowering the boom on America’s debt. Well it’s only Monday and we already have two more warnings: one from our banker, China, and one from the International Monetary Fund. The end of America? Read more

Obama: Come to think of it … might be easier to be president of China

First of all, we don’t have audio or video so my guess is the White House will soon claim President Obama never said that he’d rather be president of China, or that he was mis-quoted or taken out of context.

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Classic: Who holds the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner in prison?

I’ll be completely up-front admitting I do not know much about Liu Xiaobo, the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner. He’s is a human rights activist who was arrested, convicted and tossed in a China prison a little more than one year ago for “inciting subversion of state power.”

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Matthews thinks BP executives should be executed or something like that

Actually I am not sure what he means. In last night’s segment Matthews had a couple lefty ecoguests on to discuss the BP oil spill and course he uses it as an opportunity to wage war not just on BP but capitalism too. Read more

China’s newest hot spot: The Obama Club

No, really. It is. And why, you may be wondering, name a Chicom night club after the leader of the free world? Silly people. He’s the owners’ hero, that’s why.

Via Storybaloon

Friedman: Ya know what? The only thing worse than China is … America

Sometimes I wonder what this guy is thinking. Another great moment from the wizards of smart (copyright 2009 Rush Limbaugh). Read more

China sells $34 billion in US bonds in December

I’m no international banking financial guru, but this can not be a good sign. The flip side is that other countries – including Japan and the UK – seem to be buying, but at what price?

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Lights Out in Paris – Olympic Torch Stumbles Along

Exactly what did the International Olympic Committee think when they chose Beijing as the destination for the 2008 Summer Games? There has been plenty of strange activity in China the past couple of months as the dictator-at-large tries to “clean up” the place. is reporting that the Olympic Torch is having quite a tough time today making it through the streets of Paris. As a matter of fact, security gave up quite a few times and just took it onto the bus for a good portion of the route. Read more