EPA sets 2012 cellulosic ethanol requirements

We have told you about cellulosic ethanol before.  Basically, it is any ethanol not made from corn, and, pursuant to a 2007 law, a certain amount of this stuff must be blended into our gasoline.  The problem is that no one knows how to make it in any commercially viable operation, even though the federal government is heavily subsidizing its “production”. Read more

I’m getting tired of being left, holding the bag

Cellulosic ethanol is a pipe dream. And yet, you and I are paying for that pipedream, and paying dearly.  We’ve posted on this subject before, but here is a recap, as well as more information. Read more

A small piece of Obama’s plan

This item slipped under the radar this week.  It happened during the President’s bus tour through the Midwest, but before the President’s Martha’s Vineyard vacation.  Read more

Cellulosic ethanol…you can’t make this stuff up

Cellulosic ethanol, at least as defined by the EPA, is any ethanol made from plant material that is not corn.  This is good because we are currently turning approximately 40% of our corn production into ethanol, thus driving up the cost of virtually everything we eat.  However, it is bad for oil refiners, and you, in the long run, but you will never guess why. Read more