Obama administration ignores Constitutional mandated spending

The Constitution clearly states that the role of Congress is to provide for the common defense of the United States. So therefore, the current administration has elected to ignore that requirement and stop all funding for the F-22 Raptor.

I’m not suggesting that we need – or do not need – the F-22 for defense of the country. I honestly do not know, but my interest involves the oath of office taken by Congress and the president, you know, that part about preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States.

So the F-22 gets cut, but $1.7 million goes to a honey bee factory in Weslaco, Texas? What other funding is the administration cutting out of the Pentagon’s budget?

On top of that, we have a government sponsored program to provide free cell phones – including air time – to those in need! Get this crap, with my emphasis in bold.

TracFone Wireless believes that cell phone ownership is a right and an important tool for individual success in today’s world.

Lifeline is a real FCC program. Here’s part of a news release. …

The SafeLink Wireless service will provide eligible low-income households a free cell phone, mobile access to emergency services and free 41 minutes of air time, monthly, for one year. The cell phone offers in-demand features: voicemail, text, call waiting, international calling to over 60 destinations and caller ID.

Back to the F-22… From Hugh Hewitt’s piece in The Washington Examiner, with a hat tip to Hot Air.

Did I mention that the F-22 is shovel ready? Remember all those jobs President Obama wanted to “create or save”? Evidently there is a category of jobs he doesn’t count among those worthy of retention –those on the national security shift.

The piece goes on …

Secretary Gates is providing a little cover for the Pentagon budget-cutters at OMB whose priorities are with increased NEA spending and a new fleet of hybrid cars for the government, but not much. Whether or not his heart is in it won’t and shouldn’t still the sharp criticism headed this budget’s way.

The Obama administration and the Democrat Congress will continue to route funding that is the federal government’s responsibility to programs for which they have no mandate.

We’re loosing our freedom to tyrany on a daily basis with liberals and socialists in control. What will you do?

Breaking News: Distractions cause automobile accidents

I don’t mean to make light of traffic accidents, they happen every day and can be devastating to everyone involved, but how far should the government go to reduce the chance of having an automobile accident?

A national safety group wants to flat out ban the use of cell phones while driving. They insist employers should prohibit cell phone use by employees on the road, and states should ban use as well.

Accident attorneys from Nehora Law Firm claim – rightfully so – that talking while driving, whether using a hands-free device or not, is a distraction that cause 2,600 deaths and 12,000 serious injuries per year. My guess is the numbers are totally inflated, but that is not the point.

How many distractions can you list off that can be banned? Billboards, beautiful homes near the side of the road, eating, drinking, pedestrians in crosswalks, car passengers who talk, adjusting mirrors and lighting a cigarette can all be associated with death and serious injury.

How about listening to Shoot to Thrill by AC/DC?

Here is a bit of the AP story found on…


States should ban drivers from using hand-held and hands-free cell phones, and businesses should prohibit employees from using cell phones while driving on the job, the congressionally chartered National Safety Council says, taking those positions for the first time.

The group’s president and chief executive, Janet Froetscher, likened talking on cell phones to drunken driving, saying cell phone use increases the risk of a crash fourfold.

“When our friends have been drinking, we take the car keys away. It’s time to take the cell phone away,” Froetscher said in interview. …

… Froetscher said the council examined more than 50 scientific studies before reaching its decision. One was a study by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis that estimates 6 percent of vehicle crashes, causing about 2,600 deaths and 12,000 serious injuries a year, are attributable to cell phone use. Hands-free cell phones are just as risky as hand held phones, she added.


“It’s not just what you’re doing with your hands — it’s that your head is in the conversation and so your eyes are not on the road,” Froetscher said.


Sister Toldjah has more

This is the problem when so-called “safety groups” take things too far in an effort to save people from themselves. They step over a line from a reasonable request to an invasion of someone else’s privacy. It’s one thing to ban drinking while driving – alcohol is not merely a “distraction”; it impairs your ability to think clearly and make good decisions, so the NSC comparing that to talking on a cell phone while driving is like comparing apples to steak. It’s not an invasion of privacy to outlaw drunk driving, but – in my view – it’s not reasonable to expect people not to talk on their cell phones while they’re driving anymore than it is to expect them to stop talking to the passengers in their cars, or to expect them to stop listening to the radio.

We all know that we can make cars and driving safer by passing unreasonably restrictive laws and removing all personal responsibility, but that does not mean that we should do that. We would cross a very important privacy line if we banned all backyard swimming pools.

Almost 800 kids in the United States under 14 died in swimming pool drownings in 2003. More data here.

Drive with care will ya, and watch your kids in the pool.