An icon passes away

On Friday evening a favorite of mine, and perhaps yours, passed away…Andy Rooney.  Since the fall of 1978, he has been a fixture on the CBS Sunday night show “60 Minutes”. Read more

CBS poll showing strong support for public unions unmasked

And unmasked by their own numbers. I’ve included the CBS report from last night’s newscast as well. Make special note of CBS making special note that those evil corporations helped fund the opposition. But Ed Morrissey does a great job of unmasking the actual bias behind the poll. Have at it my little mobstas. Read more

Kroft to Obama: Are you punch-drunk? Video Update

I am glad Politico caught this because frankly, I had seen enough of the President for one week. Read more

Yes We Can Monday

No … really … CBS is dedicating its TV shows on Monday to … umm … well? Welcome to “Yes We Can Monday”. In the tank? What would give you that idea?


Well I guess … sure, why not? But as HotAir points out ….. with Time Magazine comparing him to the “Voice of God”

Starting Jan. 20, the most powerful person in the world actually will be a black man. Although President Barack Obama is one of the greatest public speakers now practicing that art, he probably couldn’t get hired as the anonymous voice-over spokesman for a brand of cereal because he doesn’t sound black enough. Nevertheless, he is a beneficiary of this development. When God turned into an African American, it became less unthinkable that the President might be African American as well.

and the rest of the media jumping on the Abraham Lincoln bandwagon train …

The train rides are another symbolic link between Lincoln and Obama. The parallels range from the superficial – their tapered physiques, their young children living in the White House – to the serious: Lincoln freed the slaves, and Obama will be the first African-American president. 

“Yes We Can Monday” seems pretty tame.